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Anne Arundel Archers Have Built-In Target Audience

Archery helped William Ruth get back on his feet.


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Baltimore’s Top Spots For Fencing – The Sport!

Fencing! You have seen it at the Olympics, in movies and possibly during your days in college, but the sport of fencing is popular, takes lots of energy, and is a great way to stay in shape during the chilly winter months. Here is a top list of places in Baltimore where you can get introduced to the sport of fencing and where you can hone your skills.


University of Baltimore

Vote For Your Favorite Player By Recycling

The University of Baltimore is trash talking the city’s greatest sports legends.


water ski

Severna Park Family Bonds Over Waterskiing

Rachel McNealey pops up out of the water like she’s been shot from a canon. The 16-year-old then carefully balances herself on a single ski as the boat towing her zooms along at 32 mph.


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Croquet Club Attracts Loyal Following

The crack of wood on plastic, the ideal marriage of mallet and ball is what keeps Eugenia Wilkie in croquet.



Towson University Studies If People Can Be Prone To Concussions

Concussions can be a consequence of nearly every sport.



2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Driven

Mitsubishi’s idea, last year, of previewing its Outlander Sport by making it the first model ever that could be remotely test driven, live—via a virtual system that promised way more than a tilt-and-pan virtual showroom […]


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3 Lacrosse Moms Create ‘Slick’ Helmets To Save Money

Three Maryland moms—not soccer moms, but lacrosse moms—were sharing a bottle of wine when they had a great idea.