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BLOG: Glad James Harrison Is Not A Raven

Harrison is a guy you’d have trouble cheering for, and maybe even playing with on your team.

105.7 The Fan–07/14/2011


Sean Landeta On Punters In The NFL HOF, The Lockout, Steroids

Should kickers/punters be in the Hall of Fame?

105.7 The Fan–06/30/2011

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BLOG: Barry Bonds…The Defense Rests

Following the Bonds trial has only confirmed my feeling that the federal government is to be feared. The case against Barry Bonds appears to be so weak that the defense didn’t even see the need to call a witness.


Ed Norris - Host of the Norris & Davis Show on 105.7 The FAN

BLOG: Pay ‘Em Already!

Is it me or is anyone else getting sick of the hypocrisy in professional and major college sports? This week while Barry Bonds is on trial for lying about his alleged steroid use an HBO special aired featuring four Auburn football players who claim they were paid from their days as high school players through college.

105.7 The Fan–03/31/2011

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Matt Birk Live

Steroids? Lockout info? It’s all talked about here.

105.7 The Fan–03/31/2011

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Barry Bonds’ Trial Update

The trial from the ‘inside’

105.7 The Fan–03/22/2011

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BLOG: Barry Bonds Should Be Tried

If you let Bonds go, what message do you send to other people, especially rich people who feel like they can lie because the government won’t spend the money to prosecute them?

105.7 The Fan–03/22/2011

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Rafael Palmeiro Live On Norris & Davis Show

What was it like in the Orioles’ clubhouse during the steroids era? Palmeiro joined The Norris & Davis Show to discuss his situation & the Hall of Fame.

105.7 The Fan–01/04/2011


Palmeiro Still Insists He Never Used Steroids

Rafael Palmeiro insists he never used performance-enhancing drugs during his major league career despite having tested positive for a steroid just weeks after he reached 3,000 hits.