On Time: August 10, 2014Gigi Barnett spoke with Steve Cline, Tammy Braswell and Dr. Anthony Brown.
On Time: Nov. 17, 2013Kai Jackson spoke with Steve Cline, Tim Rhode and Latrice Price and Daronta Briggs.
On Time: May 20, 2012Gigi Barnett spoke with Congressman Elijah Cummings, Steve Cline and Cyndi Glass and Michele Waxman Johnson.
On Time: Sunday, October 9, 2011Kai Jackson spoke with Daniel Kachura and John Kelly, Leslie J. Sherrod and Steve Cline.
On Time: November 7, 2010 Kai Jackson spoke with Steve Cline (segment one), Christopher W. Shea (segment two) and Hannah Saltzman and Vince Fiduccia (segment three).

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