Stray voltage

Deanna Green

Family Wants Lawmakers To Pass A Bill Protecting People From Stray Voltage

The family of a Baltimore County teenager electrocuted in a city park is pushing lawmakers to prevent it from happening again.



New Regulation Could Enforce Continuous Stray Voltage Checks

The parents of a teen killed in a Baltimore City park want to make sure it never happens again. Their 14-year-old daughter was electrocuted when she touched a metal fence.



Family Continues Fight For Answers 5 Years After Stray Voltage Kills Teen

It was five years ago that a young Baltimore teenager was killed by the stray electrical voltage underground a baseball field in Druid Hill Park. Now her family and their attorneys say they’re still fighting to get answers in their daughter’s death.


Deanna Green

Parents Push For New Rule That Requires Stray Voltage Inspection

Some Baltimore parents are turning their grief into action, trying to change Maryland laws to prevent the kind of tragedy that killed their young daughter five years ago at Druid Hill Park.