Often Loud, Suggs Takes Quiet Approach On Day 1As Terrell Suggs made his way to his seat for his first media appearance of Super Bowl week, a member of the Baltimore Ravens' PR staff pointed in the linebacker's direction and whispered to a colleague: "I think somebody should be here."
Ravens And Steelers - Part TwoThis week is Ravens - Steelers round two, the Ravens will be home this time, where they have won 15 straight. Linebacker Terrell Suggs is certainly looking forward to welcoming their arch rival.
Best Rivalry In NFL Is BackThe Ravens will go on the road and into a fight like no other this weekend, as they play they Steelers. It is one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports. Both of these teams this week will be without some franchise players.
Kevin Byrne Of The Baltimore RavensKevin Byrne of the Baltimore Ravens talks Sandy, Suggs & Browns.
Ravens Limp Into Bye Week t was the first week without linebacker Ray Lewis and corner back Lardarius Webb on the field and the defense had their hands full with the Texans high powered offense.
Glenn Younes: The Shock Of SuggsTerrell Suggs adds maybe the biggest piece needed, a way to get to the QB.
Steve Davis: Ravens In Trouble Vs. TexansAnything can happen, particularly when you factor in turnovers, but the Ravens are reeling. This is a daunting task.
Reed & Suggs Talk Injuries & TexansRavens linebacker Terrell Suggs has spent the whole regular season recovering from a torn Achilles, he suffered in April. There were some reports that he might play against the Texans.

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