Scientists Say Sun Will Be Cooler By 2050, Warn Of Mini Ice AgeScientists are predicting that the sun is about to enter a massive cooling cycle which could lead to a mini ice age by the year 2050.
NASA Spacecraft Being Sent To Sun Designed, Built In MarylandIt's a close encounter never before attempted, and on Wednesday, NASA unveiled details of a spacecraft that will touch the outer edges of the sun.
Former Sun Editor Has DiedA former editor of the Baltimore Sun has died.
John Carroll, Former Editor Of LA Times, Baltimore Sun, DiesJohn S. Carroll, former editor of the Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Times, which won 13 Pulitzer Prizes during his five-year tenure, has died. He was 73.
WEATHER BLOG: Out Of The Freezer Today!A warm front has washed up over the region and we will be out of the freezer today! NICE!
WEATHER BLOG: It Feels Like December AgainIt’s the last weekend before the holidays, and it feels like December again, at least for now.
WEATHER BLOG: Good Deal Of SunshineA very warm and more humid day is in store for most of the Eastern Region this Friday as high pressure currently located near the coast continues to glide slowly out into the Atlantic.
WEATHER BLOG: Gentle Breeze, Low HumidityTGIF! And a beautiful Friday/Friday night it is going to be! A ton of sun, gentle breezes and low humidity.
WEATHER BLOG: More Showers So how did that summer like "feel" feel Wednesday? More of the same is expected Thursday.
Finding The Sunscreen That's Right For YouSunscreen is the most important product when it comes to protecting your skin, but selecting a product that is best for you can be overwhelming.
WEATHER BLOG: UnsettledWe should be allowing for a shower Monday "at any time," since this doesn’t appear to be one of those cases where the activity will only flare up.
WEATHER BLOG: Nice Now, But Rain LaterAfter a nice day Wednesday, low pressure will spread some showers and a few thunderstorms across the region in the evening and linger into Thursday morning.

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