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WEATHER BLOG: Perfect Sunday

The trough in the NE will finally move into the Atlantic to allow for high pressure currently over the Ohio Valley to move southeastward Sunday. This will help shift our winds out of the west, bringing in drier air.


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WEATHER BLOG: Fine Run Of Weather

It is going to be a fine run of weather as we start this week leading up to, what now, looks like a really nice Memorial Day holiday weekend!


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WEATHER BLOG: Soaking Rains

Soaking rains. Ding dang. I hate it when we get some forecasts right–LOL!


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WEATHER BLOG: Spotty Showers

Other than some lingering morning showers and a chance for some spotty showers later, the forecast for the next five days is nice.


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WEATHER BLOG: Sunny And Breezy

What a sunny day this will be. But it will remain breezy and a bit cool.


Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama, ‘First Dogs’ Visit Military Families

Michelle Obama says she is shining a light on military families who are her heroes and a medical facility that treats them as she gives thanks during an early Easter celebration.


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WEATHER BLOG: Partly Sunny, High Of 64!

Looks like our next rain won’t be until Thursday, and temperatures will still remain mild.


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It’s Opening Day, and the weather is going to be OK!


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WEATHER BLOG: Mother Nature Will Finally Play Ball

We have rounded a corner. Legit. Thursday will be sunny and still quite chilly. But the winds, later on, will pick up again this time, though, from eh South.


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WEATHER BLOG: Cold, Cold & More Cold

Hi, all. Cold is here again. It will be sunny Thursday, but the winds will amp up and wind chills will be, on a real temp of 37, about 19-24. But the best is yet […]


first dog

Whoops! 1st Family’s Dog Bumps Into Little Girl At White House

This week, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted military families and their children for a special holiday celebration. Always a hit, the two first dogs made an appearance and an impression on one very cute little girl.


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WEATHER BLOG: Fairly Sunny, Windy & Chilly

With temperatures expected to be mostly in the middle and upper 30s, the wind is going to make it feel like it’s in the teens Thursday morning and the 20s by the afternoon.