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Police: Man Attacks Acquaintance With Sword

Frederick police say a man attacked an acquaintance with a sword, hitting the victim in the hand.


(AP Photo/California Department of Correction)

Man Sentenced To 12 Years In Sword Slaying

A man convicted of fatally stabbing another man with a sword drawn from a walking cane after a dispute over a football bet has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.


(AP Photo/Texas Department of Criminal Justice, File)

Baltimore Man Found Guilty Of Sword Stabbing Death

A Baltimore jury has convicted a man of stabbing a man to death using a sword drawn from a walking cane after a dispute over a football wager.


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TSA Finds Woman’s Cane Concealing Sword At Dulles

Hiding a weapon inside a walking cane — it’s one of the oldest tricks in the James Bond playbook, and it’s apparently more common than you think.



Hungarian Embassy Gets Gift Of Sword From Family

Matthew Young did not anticipate finding a treasure when he searched family artifacts to bring to a World War II history event with his Boy Scout troop.


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Baltimore Co. Police Shoot & Kill Man After Sword Incident; Suspects In Attempted Murder Also Arrested

Police shoot and kill a man while trying to serve a warrant at a Reisterstown home. Meanwhile, suspects in an attempted murder in Howard County were also arrested.


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Club In Md. Emphasizes Study Of Ancient Weapons

Molly McClanahan got her medieval on.

She donned a plastic chest protector and fencing shirt, picked up a 4-foot sword and traded blows with an opponent.


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Frederick Man Accused Of Wielding Sword

Authorities say a Frederick man has been charged with wielding a 3-foot-long sword while walking along a city sidewalk.