Doctor: Blue Light From Electronics Can Wreak Havoc On Children's SleepThe latest research shows that nighttime exposure to blue light – mainly from computers, smartphones, tablets and e-readers -- is particularly harmful.
Baltimore Co. Schools Approve Major Technology ContractA massive technology contract proposed for Baltimore County schools. It's part of an initiative to put laptops or tablets in the hands of every student.
Plugged In! Howard County Pilot Program Allows Electronic Devices In ClassSmartphones and tablets are welcome in classrooms. It's part of a pilot program in Howard County.
Can't Sleep? It Could Be Your iPadNew research shows that the bright light emitted from tablets can suppress melatonin.
Apple Releases The iPad 3; Features Faster Web Browsing & Upgraded Camera Thousands of people waited in line for hours just to get one. Friday, Apple released its third version of their popular tablet.
Age Of The Tablet: Mobile Technology Transforms Baltimore Classrooms So long chalkboards...welcome to the age of the tablet. High-tech learning is transforming a city classroom.

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