Survey Says 7 In 10 Millennials Would Rather Text Than Talk In PersonIn the United States, nearly 74 percent of respondents would rather send a text message instead of having a conversation.
Debate On Plane Phone Calls Moves On, Gets BiggerThe Federal Communications Commission considers lifting the ban on using cell phones in-flight. Right now, making calls while the plane is in the air is not allowed.
Md. Trial Restrictions Bring Deaf Advocacy ActionA national advocacy group for the deaf said Tuesday it is developing guidelines for courtroom use of American Sign Language after a Maryland judge banned spectators from using ASL during trial proceedings.
New Bill Makes Talking On Handheld Cell Phone While Driving Primary OffenseState lawmakers are cracking down on drivers who talk on handheld cell phones when they're behind the wheel.
Federal Government To Crack Down On Distracted DrivingZeroing in on distracted driving. The nation's transportation chief calls it an epidemic that needs to be stopped. And it's not just texting he's worried about. It's all cell phone use behind the wheel.
Retro Reindeer, Baltimore’s Beau And Tinsel It’s Baltimore’s own, Beau and Tinsel, the talking reindeer! They were very popular about 40 years ago at various department stores.

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