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Baltimore County Police Interested In Body Cameras

The growing outcry over recent police actions has Baltimore County taking steps to build trust in police. The county is investing in body cameras so the community and officers feel safe.


George King

Questions Surround Teen’s Death After Being Tasered By Police

Nearly one week after a 19-year-old died after being Tasered by police, we still don’t know exactly what killed him.


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Resolution On The Table In Harford County To Legalize Sale Of Tasers And Stun Guns

Harford County residents may soon be able to purchase a new kind of weapon. A resolution is on the table to legalize stun guns and Tasers, just like Anne Arundel County recently did.


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Anne Arundel County Lifts Ban On Tasers & Stun Guns For Residents

Controversial vote. Anne Arundel County becomes the first in central Maryland to allow residents to carry stun guns and Tasers. The County Council voted Monday to lift the ban on electronic control devices.



Anne Arundel Co. Councilman Wants To Make Tasers Legal For All Adults

With gun control in the national spotlight, Anne Arundel County is facing another weapons issue. One councilman wants to make it legal for anyone 18 and over to carry a stun gun or Taser.



Anne Arundel Councilman Wants To Allow Stun Guns

An Anne Arundel County Councilman wants to give residents the right to bear stun guns.


Fred Bealefeld

Police Commissioner Discusses Tasers On ’60 Minutes’

Baltimore’s police force has had tasers for more than 10 years. Sunday night, City Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld was in “60 Minutes” to talk about their use.