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Maryland Health Advocates Push Increase In Tobacco Tax

Supporters of a tax hike on cigarette packs are hoping the higher price will also increase healthier living.


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Maryland Tax Increases Taking Effect

Maryland residents who earn more than $100,000 annually will pay more income taxes and many will pay higher fees to flush their toilets under new laws taking effect this weekend.


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Md. Drivers Flustered Over Rising Gas Prices & Proposed Gas Tax Hike

The national average for a gallon of gas continues to climb to the $4 mark. This comes as state lawmakers are considering a boost to Maryland’s gas tax, and the combination has some drivers seeing red.


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D.C. Council Raises Tax For Wealthiest Residents

After nearly three hours of angry debate, the D.C. Council voted Tuesday to raise income taxes for the district’s wealthiest residents, a last-minute move intended to soften the blow of a previously approved new tax on municipal bonds.