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Md. House & Senate Differ On Income Tax Hike; Gov. To Mediate A Compromise

The Maryland House and Senate remain at odds over an income tax hike and a conference committee assigned to iron out the differences is, so far, stuck.


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Counties Warn Of Cuts If They Pay Md. Pensions

Montgomery County school officials say they would have to cut 600 teachers and increase class sizes if lawmakers in Annapolis approve Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to shift teacher pension costs to the counties.


Before sitting in the Oval Office, many former presidents worked in the classroom as schoolteachers including John Adams, James Garfield, Chester Arthur and Lyndon Johnson. (credit: AP)

Miller Pushes To Share Teacher Pension Costs

Maryland’s practice of paying all teacher pension costs at state expense is “totally nonsustainable,” Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller told a panel of lawmakers as he stressed the need for legislation to shift some costs to local governments.