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Dogs & Cats Left In Stifling Hot Cars A Dangerous Trend

This time of year is when police start seeing pets trapped in hot cars–because what feels good to us, can be deadly to them. Between Maryland’s heat and humidity, cars quickly become death-traps for animals with no way out.


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WEATHER BLOG: Low 70’s Next 2 Days

Sunny, and cooler, today than yesterday.


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Baltimore Braces For Freezing Temps, Declares ‘Code Blue’

Baltimore health officials are warning residents of below freezing temperatures and sub-zero wind chills, and are activating a Severe Code Blue emergency warning for the city through Saturday.



Baltimore Sets Up Command Center To Address Water Problems

Day after day, the sub-freezing temperatures are unrelenting, causing hundreds of water line breaks. So many, crews can’t keep up.


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Busted Water Mains Leading To Rising Frustration Across The City

Water line emergency. Baltimore City flooded with calls as the frigid cold causes thousands of water service lines to break. Some homeowners now waiting days for help.



Cold Weather To Stick Around For Days

The dangerously cold temperatures are going to stick around for a few more days.


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Md. Feeling Its Coldest Temperatures In Decades

Winter overload. If the weather is wearing you down, we’re not done yet. A new round of snow and ice is on its way.



Coldest Temps In 2 Decades Wreaking Havoc On Md.

The extended cold is really takings its toll. More than 20 people have died from the cold this winter in Maryland.


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State Highway Crews Urging Marylanders To Stay Home, Stay Warm

Bundle up, Baltimore. Record low temperatures are invading the area. Wind chill advisories and warnings remain in effect as powerful winds drop the wind chill below zero.



Baltimore Bearing Down For Dangerously Cold Conditions

Across the region, people are bearing down for a cold few days.


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3 More Cold-Related Deaths Reported In Md.

State health officials say three more people have died as a result of the cold weather this winter.


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Baltimore Activates ‘Code Blue’ Emergency Monday And Tuesday

The Baltimore Department of Health and Human Resources has declared a Code Blue emergency.