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Baltimore Schools Chief Vows Cheating Crackdown

Baltimore schools CEO Andres Alonso is vowing to crack down on cheating.


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Pa. Seeks More Water Tests For Drilling Pollution

Pennsylvania is expanding the scope of water tests to screen for radioactive pollutants and other contaminants from its booming natural gas drilling industry, but state officials insisted they aren’t doing it because federal regulators prodded them.


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Some Outraged Over Prayer Service Held Before Tests

Praying for better grades. That’s what happened inside a Baltimore City school and now legal experts say it violated the separation of church and state.


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Maryland Budget Proposal Cuts HS Government Test

Maryland’s high school assessment test for government would be cut next year under Gov. Martin O’Malley’s budget proposal.


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Judge Guilty Of DUI Takes Breath Tests Before Work

The Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities is requiring a judge in Hagerstown to take daily breathalyzer tests before court.