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Storm Keeps Thousands In The Dark

Nearly 48 hours after ice coated the areas north and west of Baltimore, tens of thousands are still without power. And it could be another day before they all get it back.


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Thousands Of Speed Camera & Red Light Tickets Will Be Voided

Thousands of Baltimore drivers won’t have to pay red light or speed camera citations after the city announces it’s voiding 6,000 tickets.


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Frustrations Mount As Power Outages Stretch On For Thousands In Md.

The heat and humidity that are wrapping themselves around the region are sending even more people in search of some relief. Meanwhile, more out-of- state workers are arriving to help BGE restore power to the thousands still left in the dark after last Friday’s storm.


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Thousands Still In The Dark On Independence Day

It’s been five days and tens of thousands are still in the dark. Governor Martin O’Malley warns this could be the most dangerous day in the aftermath of the storm.


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39,000 On Eastern Seaboard Remain Without Power A Week After Irene

More than 39,000 households and businesses along the Eastern Seaboard that lost power during Irene remained without it a week after the storm.


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Thousands Of BGE Customers Still Don’t Have Power

It is almost day six without power, and crews are working non-stop to turn the lights back on. Still, almost 50,000 BGE customers are spending another night in the dark.