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Tian Tian

national zoo

National Zoo Reopens To Visitors After Shutdown

The National Zoo in Washington is back open, and fans couldn’t be happier. The government shutdown forced the zoo to close its doors.


baby panda

It’s A Girl! National Zoo’s 2-Week-Old Panda Cub Is Female

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo says its 2-week-old giant panda cub is female.


Panda At National Zoo

National Zoo Celebrates Male Panda’s 16th Birthday

The National Zoo is celebrating the 16th birthday of its male panda, Tian Tian.


Panda At National Zoo

Zoo Panda Cub That Died Had Liver Abnormalities

Sadness at Washington’s National Zoo. The baby panda died Sunday.


Panda At National Zoo

National Zoo Attempts To Impregnate Giant Panda

An expert from China and scientists at the National Zoo are attempting to artificially inseminate the zoo’s female giant panda Mei Xiang.


Panda At National Zoo

National Zoo Marks 40 Years Of Pandas

The National Zoo is celebrating 40 years of pandas.


Panda At National Zoo

National Zoo Panda Has Signs Of Possible Pregnancy

Scientists at the National Zoo say they have detected a rise in hormone levels in the female giant panda, Mei Xiang that could indicate the panda may give birth or end a false pregnancy by early July.