Kendall Jenner's Controversial Pepsi Ad Sparks Black Lives Matter DebatePepsi recently pulled their latest commercial after people criticized it for making light of a serious issue.
Michael Phelps Responds After DUI ArrestThe Baltimore bullet has been arrested for driving under the influence in Baltimore City early Tuesday morning.
Rob Long: Real LifeWith the Ray Rice story being front and center right now, it's cast a dark cloud over Baltimore sports.
Rob Long: Ray Rice Video; What Now?Now that the video has been released and everyone knows what happened on that elevator, what does or can the National Football League do? There is no more speculation that leads to the public defense of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.
U.S. Senators Criticize, Goodell Defends Ray Rice 2-Game SuspensionRay Rice fallout. Nationwide outrage is growing over the NFL's two-game suspension of Ray Rice for knocking his wife unconscious in a casino.
Ravens Fans React After String Of Arrests Puts Team In Bad LightIt's been a rough offseason for the Baltimore Ravens. A string of arrests puts players in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The latest being another TMZ video.
Ray Rice's Attorney Presents Hypothetical Scenario That Janay Threw The 1st BlowLess than 48 hours after Ray Rice addressed the media about the infamous video tape that captured him dragging his wife off an elevator, Rice’s attorney is now speaking out about the case.
Shocking New Video Shows Ray Rice Dragging His Unconscious FiancéeMajor developments in the Ray Rice investigation are unfolding. Prosecutors are now reviewing the case, including explosive video.
Expert: I Wouldn't Be Surprised To See More NFL 'Wipeouts' Like Ex-Raven McAlisterFormer Raven Chris McAlister, who at one time was under contract for a total of $55 million, is broke.

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