Policing Privacy: New Package Of Md. Bills Sets Limits On Crime-Fighting DevicesTechnology has changed quickly in the last few decades. And law enforcement has adapted with it, using that technology to combat crime. But now some Maryland lawmakers say it is time to set some limits in order to protect citizens’ privacy.
Md. Attorney General Teams Up With Schools To Track BulliesBystanders and upstanders may be one way to win the battle on bullying at Maryland schools.
Glenn Younes: A Day Tracking TigerGenerally the field in any golf arena is the one tracking Tiger. Sunday at Merion I, along with the smaller than normal gallery, (not fully because of his position but lack of course space) were the only ones tracking the world's number one.
Stolen Cell Phones Found Via GPS Tracking Ocean City Police say officers found three stolen cell phones after the owners tracked the devices and one of them was heard ringing in a suspect's pocket.
Metro: Single Tracking To Affect Weekend RidersMetro says single tracking on the red, orange, blue and yellow lines will affect weekend train riders.
WEATHER BLOG: Tracking SandyBased on model trends our track is adjusted more to the south and west with landfall over southern N.J. or Del. Monday night or Tuesday morning.
Family Of Young Shooting Victim Sues GPS Tracking CompanyA young girl gets caught in the crossfire. Now, her family wants to hold an unlikely group responsible for her shooting.
New Satellites Track Tornadoes As They DevelopWarmer weather than usual has already triggered a few early tornadoes, and more are likely to hit this spring. You can't fight them, but a new way to track tornadoes is coming.
Supreme Court: Warrant Needed For GPS TrackingThe Supreme Court says police must get a search warrant before using GPS technology to track criminal suspects.
Howard Co. Police Have New Technology To Track Missing PeopleHoward County is giving peace of mind to people whose loved ones suffer from dementia or other mental diseases.

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