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Baltimore Replacing Faulty Speed Cameras

Baltimore has started activating new speed cameras that replaced cameras blamed for issuing false tickets.


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Baltimore City Probing Speed Camera Accuracy

More problems with speed cameras in Baltimore. City officials admit they found another camera recording inaccurate speeds.


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New Catonsville Speed Camera Set On Fire By Vandals

Early Friday morning, someone set fire to a recently installed speed camera in the 400 block of S. Rolling Road.


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Baltimore County To Get Additional Work Zone Speed Cameras

If you drive on the beltway and have a lead foot you’ll want to pay attention. Another work zone speed camera is being added to the interstate.


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Baltimore County Speed Cameras To Be Activated Oct. 3

Baltimore County says three relocated speed cameras will become operational on Oct. 3.



Drivers & AAA Say Speed Cameras In College Park Are Inaccurate

Residents in College Park say they’re being ripped off by the city and its speed cameras.


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Westminster To Continue Red Light Cameras

Westminster police say the department will continue to use red-light cameras as long as the money they bring in exceeds the cost of the program.



New Legislation May Add Speed Cameras In Baltimore Co.

As soon as the state gave Baltimore County the ability to place speed cameras near schools, the county did just that. Now, after a half year of use, they want more.


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Maryland May Install More Speed Cameras

More speed cameras on Maryland roads could soon be a reality if one man gets his way.