Isaac Threat To Gulf Well Beyond New OrleansWith its massive size and ponderous movement, Tropical Storm Isaac was gaining strength Monday as it headed toward the Gulf Coast. The next 24 hours would determine whether it brought the usual punishing rains and winds -- or something even more destructive harkening back to the devastation wrought seven years ago by Hurricane Katrina.
WEATHER BLOG: High Humidity Continues The high humidity/dewpoints continue, making it feel like 100-105 degrees this afternoon.
BLOG: Humidity Will Start To ClimbBelieve it or not, a cold front went through. It turned our winds around to the northwest, dropped our dewpoints/humidity significantly, but didn't do much with the temperatures.
BLOG: Pleasant For WeekendSurface weather maps show high pressure over Michigan moving southeast. This will help bring more dry stable air over Maryland and the Baltimore area tonight and tomorrow.

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