Endangered Coral Reefs Launch Underwater Mapping Off Ocean City CoastCoral reefs are beautiful and endangered. That’s launched a series of underwater mapping programs.
Chesapeake Bay Grasses Rebound After 3-Year SlideScientists say an indicator of the Chesapeake Bay's health -- underwater grasses -- has reversed a three-year downward trend.
Chesapeake Bay Grasses Decline AgainUnderwater grasses in the Chesapeake Bay continued to decline last year, and Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee the year before are to blame, researchers said Thursday as they released results of an aerial survey of the ecologically important aquatic plants.
Little Mermaid Dreams Of Life Underwater In Md.Between job hunting and working on her crafts and art projects, Atanossian spends her time swimming -- lots of swimming. It's the best way to train as a mermaid, she said.

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