US Naval Academy

(AP Photo/Kathleen Lange)

Naval Academy Seniors To Select Ships

It’s Ship Selection Night at the U.S. Naval Academy.


Naval Academy

Former USNA Teacher Faces Assault Allegations

A former teacher at the U.S. Naval Academy is facing allegations he sexually assaulted a student in 2011.


Katie Whitcombe

2 Naval Academy Students Chosen For Rhodes Scholarship

Two Naval Academy students in Annapolis will soon head to Oxford University in England after being chosen for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.


Naval Academy

Naval Academy Midshipman Found Guilty Of Rape

A seven-member military panel has found a Naval Academy midshipman guilty of raping and sexually assaulting a female midshipman.


Naval Academy

Naval Academy Museum Would Close In Shutdown

U.S. Naval Academy officials say the USNA Museum would close in a federal government shutdown, and athletic events would be suspended.