USNS Comfort

USNS Comfort

USNS Comfort Departs Baltimore For The Final Time

The hospital ship USNS Comfort has left Baltimore for the last time, and a quarter century relationship comes to an end.


usns comfort

Senator Mikulski Takes On Navy Over Fate Of USNS Comfort

It was Mikulski vs. the Navy on Capitol Hill, in a tug of war over the hospital ship Comfort and whether it would stay in Baltimore or move to Virginia.


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Sen. Mikulski Requests Navy To Keep USNS Comfort In Baltimore

U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) urged the U.S. Navy to keep the USNS Comfort in the Port of Baltimore.


usns comfort

USNS Comfort’s Move From Baltimore To Norfolk To Save Navy Time & Money

Our loss, the Navy’s gain. There’s new information on why the Navy is moving the hospital ship USNS Comfort from Baltimore to Norfolk, Va.


usns comfort

USNS Comfort To Leave Baltimore For Its New Home In Norfolk

From wars to disasters, the Navy hospital ship Comfort always found its way to Baltimore. But not for much longer.


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USNS Comfort Back Home After Humanitarian Mission

The USNS Comfort is back in Baltimore after leaving in March for a humanitarian mission.


USNS Comfort, hospital ship

USNS Comfort Returns To Baltimore

The hospital ship USNS Comfort steamed into Baltimore Thursday night from a five-month humanitarian mission. The ship is back in port at the Canton Pier.


USNS Comfort, hospital ship

USNS Comfort Leaves Baltimore On New Mission

The Navy says the Baltimore-based hospital ship USNS Comfort is preparing for a new mission to Central and South America and the Caribbean.