Vacant Homes

vacant houses

Vacant-To-Value Program Continues To Help Renew Blighted Neighborhoods

Boarded up and falling down. Thousands of vacant homes in Baltimore City a blight on many neighborhoods.


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Homeowners Could Face Harsher Penalties For Abandoning Property

Thousands of Baltimore families living next to abandoned houses are looking for a ray of light in a plan being introduced to city council.


Vacants To Value

Baltimore’s ‘Vacant To Value’ Housing Initiative Gets National Attention

Some Baltimore neighbor landscapes are changing as the city moves forward with its “Vacant to Value” housing initiative.


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City Responds To Complaints, Demolishes Vacant Homes

Responding to complaints, the city is targeting vacant homes to demolish. Mike Schuh reports on the success of one community in the northeast.


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Darley Park Neighborhood Taking Steps To Make Streets Safer

Plagued by crime, drugs and vacant buildings, one East Baltimore community is taking steps to make their streets safer.


emergency mortgage assistance program

Program Offers Md. Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance

The past few years have seen a record number of home foreclosures. While the situation has improved in Maryland, state officials went door-to-door to try to help those who still need help staying in their homes.


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City Offers Incentive To Buy Vacant Homes

Right now, there are 10,000 vacant homes in Baltimore, a quarter of them owned by the city.So Saturday, the city invited developers, contractors and individuals to learn about how to buy a vacant home from the city and re-habb it for sale as a home.



Baltimore Hosts Vacant Housing Summit

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told hundreds of people worried about the city’s 16,000 vacant homes that the empty houses pose one of the city’s most pressing challenges.