Best Wedding Stores In Baltimore For The Vintage Shopper

Find the perfect dress, accessories and more that are as timeless as romance.



Best Vintage Stores In Baltimore

Whether you’re hunting for treasure or just in need of a pair of jeans, Baltimore has plenty of shops hawking vintage wares. Check out these five stores in Baltimore for your vintage shopping.


Mint Miami Classics Photo Gallery

PHOTOS: Vintage Cars Of Miami

Miamians love classic cars in mint condition. Photographer Phillip Pessar recently hit the streets of Miami Beach to prove it.



Man Collects And Restores Vintage Fountain Pens

When turn-of-the-20th-century Americans composed a letter or signed a document, they did so with a flourish and with their favorite fountain pen.


(credit: Elizabeth Hoeckel)

Local Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Hoeckel

Elizabeth Hoeckel’s mixed media collages are nothing short of captivating. In some cases, where there are women in bathing suits perched comfortably atop floorboards as the rest of the world is engulfed in a giant cloud of smoke and ash, it is breathtaking.


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Eadie, Forever 21, Ann Taylor

Women’s Fall Fashion For Under $30 In Baltimore

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the concept of mixing up and down. Price points, that is. Sometimes, it pays to splurge on those expensive pieces. But if you’ve got a little time on your hands, try mixing and matching all from the same category, (the affordable one, that is). You might be surprised what you will find. And not only will you find great pieces to complement
your wardrobe, you’ll save money, too. Can you think of a better fashion trend than saving money?


Photo Credit: Jenny Andrzejewski

Online Shopping For Vintage With Jenny Andrzejewski

Most people spend a good part of their free time online, so it only makes sense that they indulge in online shopping! By now you have probably heard of, a chic place to shop online. Set up as an e-commerce site, it allows people from all over the world to sell cool stylish threads — old or new alike. CBS Baltimore recently sat down with Jenny Andrzejewski, an Etsy store connoisseur who is the owner of Charm City based, Old Baltimore Vintage to talk all these vintage and Etsy.