Violence and Abuse

domestic violence

Prince George’s Officials Highlight Domestic Violence Awareness

Prince George’s County officials are drawing attention to the problem of domestic violence.


domestic violence

Local Judges, Churches Vie To Bring Domestic Violence Out Of Shadows

Though reports of domestic violence have been on a downward trend in Maryland, experts say many cases go unreported with the abuse continuing.



Man Gets 40 Years In Child Abuse Death Case

A Hagerstown man has been sentenced to 40 years for the death of girlfriend’s 2-year-old son.


domestic violence

2 New Laws To Protect Domestic Violence Victims To Take Effect

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is highlighting two new laws that are taking effect to protect victims of domestic violence.



O’Malley Praises Md. School Anti-Bullying Program

Gov. Martin O’Malley is praising an anti-bullying program at a middle school in Frederick County.



Man Walks Hundreds Of Miles To Stop Bullying

Stepping in the right direction to stop school bullying. One Pennsylvania man is walking hundreds of miles passing through Baltimore to stop the potentially deadly trend in its tracks.


fighting video

Mom Encourages Son To Fight, Expert Weighs In On Video

Hundreds of people are reacting to a controversial video first aired on WJZ: a mom who says she encouraged her son to fight a bully. It ended with a violent fight and a police investigation. Did she handle it the right way?


dating violence, Kristin Mitchell

Proposed Law Will Educate Students On Dating Violence

Educating young people about dating violence may become standard in Maryland schools if a bill is passed in Annapolis this session.


rapes up 48 percent_baltimore

71 Dismissed Baltimore City Rape Cases Now Found Valid

Dozens of rapes and sex assaults that police initially dismissed are valid. An overhaul in the department now aims to accurately report and handle these violent crimes.