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House Passes Bill On Violence Before A Minor

The House of Delegates has passed a measure to increase penalties for someone who commits a crime of violence in front of a minor.


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O’Malley: Md. Violent Crime Lowest Since 1975

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration says homicides, violent crime and property crime have dropped to the lowest levels since 1975 in Maryland.


Barack Obama (Photo credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: President Obama Finally Comments On Hometown’s Murders

After months of criticism and complaining President Obama finally reacts to the horrific crime rate and record-breaking murder rate in Chicago.


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Opinion: Media Covers Up Violence Of Flash Mobs

Flash mobs were once innocent social experiments, but now are all too often racial attacks. Unfortunately, the media continues to paint a rosy picture and fails to report the violence and crime they cause.



Baltimore Homicide Count Hits 100 For 2012

Baltimore police say the city’s homicide count has hit 100, with authorities lacking suspects in two most recent cases.


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Wanted: Suspect Of 4 Violent Crimes Near Patterson Park

Several southeast Baltimore neighborhoods are on edge after experiencing a wave of crime in just a matter of days. From robberies to a deadly shooting, the violence has alarmed people living near Patterson Park.