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WEATHER BLOG: Milder Weather

Precipitation rolled through this morning, bringing everything from thunderstorms to freezing rain for our northern-most cities.


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WEATHER BLOG: Warmer Weather Coming

Overnight a light snowfall of a bit over an inch, area wide, ended with a little sleet.


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WEATHER BLOG: Pleasant To Start The Week

While it took nearly the entire weekend for clouds to eventually begin to break up, Monday is looking like it will be nicer overall!


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WEATHER BLOG: Warmer Weekend, With A Price

Temperatures have been below average, but slowly moderating all week after Monday’s snow 36 degree day. Friday, we made it all the way up to 56 degrees. We are going to be closer to (or maybe a degree or two) above the average of 58 this weekend. However, there is another storm on the way.


Bernadette Woods

WEATHER BLOG: A Break From The Chill

After a couple of cold days that featured a touch of sleet and freezing drizzle late Friday through Saturday morning, more moderate air is moving our way. Temperatures started to climb late in the afternoon and evening, eventually topping out at 46 degrees. That is about 10 degrees warmer than it has been, on average.



BLOG: Getting Warmer

High pressure setting up over southeast VA will provide sunshine and a pleasantly warmer afternoon today. High pressure moves off of the mid-Atlantic coast tonight and tomorrow as a weakening cool front approaches from the west.


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BLOG: Nice Stretch Ahead

There are no changes to our thinking regarding this weekend’s forecast. We’re still on track to see temperatures climbing well into the 70s on Saturday, and both Sunday and Monday (the observance of Columbus Day) will be even warmer with afternoon temperatures very close to 80.


Tim Williams

BLOG: Improvement

Most places across the region were spared any additional flooding yesterday, as well as some very potent thunderstorms.