Baltimore Plans To Have Water Main Breaks Repaired By WeekendThe Department of Public Works has crews working around the clock to fix hundreds of water main breaks across the city.
Baltimore Mayor Encourages Residents To Call City About Water Service Issues
Thousands Still Without Water After Multiple Water Mains BreakFreezing weather seems to be here to stay. Three days after snow fell, we're still digging out. The bigger problem is that the cold weather is leading to water woes.
Freezing Temps Leads To Spike In Water Main BreaksThese temperatures are wreaking havoc on water mains and water pipes. There are thousands of problems around the Baltimore area---and it's not getting any better.
Crews Preparing For Water Main Woes As Winter Weather ArrivesAs winter weather arrives, so do water main woes. Last year's freezing temperatures brought on a record number of breaks.
Baltimore Sees Record Number Of Water Main BreaksThanks to extreme temperatures, Baltimore City kicked off the year with a record number of water main breaks, ruptures that frustrated residents and overwhelmed crews.
WSSC Has 350 Miles Of Problematic Water MainsWashington's Maryland suburbs have 350 miles of large concrete water pipes that are prone to exploding without warning, an inventory that's second only to Detroit's among major utilities, a newspaper has found.
Baltimore Officials Work To Prevent Future Water Main BreaksThe water main break has caused a lot of problems for Baltimore residents, workers and businesses.

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