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Slow Start To Crab Season Means High Prices At The Dinner Table

Maryland is in the middle of a major price surge on crabs. The bay crab season is getting off to a rough start. Some restaurants still have not served a single local crab.


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Oyster Harvesting Temporarily Allowed In Kent Island Narrows

The Maryland Department of the Environment says it’s temporarily allowing watermen to harvest oysters and clams in the Kent Island Narrows, a waterway that is usually closed to shellfish harvesting.



Craving Crabs This Holiday Weekend? DNR Says There’s A Shortage In Females

This holiday weekend is rife with crab feasts, especially when the weather is as nice as it’s been. But a new report released this week warns that the number of crabs headed to your table is down.



Federal Regulators Debate Catch Reduction As Striped Bass Drop

First it was another season of fewer crabs, now it’s striped bass. The population is still strong in Maryland waters, but other states are seeing a decline.


Raw Oysters are rich in Zinc, which, is extremely essential for men’s repoductive and sexual functions. Fresh raw oysters also have an erotic history. Many connoisseurs delighted in feeding them fresh to their spouses. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Eldon Willing Prepares Oyster Feast For Watermen

Among the oil cans, ailing rusty diesel engines and one beast of an air compressor in the workshop at Scott’s Cove Marina, mechanic Eldon “Chef Emeril” Willing creates culinary magic.



109-Year-Old Sailboat Used For Dredging Oysters

Around the turn of the 20th century, the skipjack was the vessel of choice for oystermen who made their living on the Chesapeake Bay.



DNR Misses Deadline To Respond To Menhaden Lawsuit

Officials say the Department of Natural Resources has missed a deadline to reply to written questions from the plaintiffs in a lawsuit about the 2013 menhaden regulations.



Suit Filed: Md. Watermen Say DNR Menhaden Catch Limit Threatens Livelihood

Watermen file suit against the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, saying the new rules restricting menhaden catch threaten livelihoods.



O’Malley To Sign Oyster Shell Recycling Bill

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says he will sign an oyster shell recycling bill.



Watermen Report Crab Shortage

Crabbers are reporting a sharp shortage in their catch this season. With the Fourth of July rush on the crustaceans right around the corner, restaurants are scrambling to cover the demand.



Md. Crab Season Off To Slow Start, Watermen Say

Maryland watermen say the crabbing season is off to a slow start.


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Maryland Watermen Pulling Ghost Pots From The Bay

Maryland watermen are scouring the Chesapeake Bay in search of ghost pots.