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National Cathedral Dean Wants To Remove Confederate Windows

The dean of Washington National Cathedral is calling for the removal of stained glass windows that depict the Confederate battle flag in the historic church.


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Honda, Acura Windows Opening Automatically When Submerged?

One car owner found his windows down after Hurricane Sandy.


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Energy Savers: Trap Heat By Opening Curtains On South-Facing Windows During The Day

Open curtains on south-facing windows during the day to allow heat into your home, then close them at night to reduce any chill.


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Fatal House Fire Raises Questions About Security Bars On Windows

It can take less than one minute for flames to engulf an entire room in your home. Security bars on your windows can trap you inside, delaying your rescue.



Md. House For Sale Has No Walls, Just Windows

A home about to be auctioned off in Maryland has virtually no walls, just windows.


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Windows At Synagogue, Businesses Shot With BB Gun

Montgomery County police say someone used a BB gun to shoot holes in several windows at a synagogue in Potomac and at two nearby businesses.


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Officials Probe Explosion Outside Potomac Home

Authorities are investigating an explosion outside a home in Montgomery County that damaged a front window and room.


How to Effectively Use Window Treatments

How to Effectively Use Window Treatments

by Angie’s List Staff If your windows are less than picturesque, perhaps it’s time to dress them up. Angie’s List Magazine asked two window treatment professionals to point out the essentials necessary to properly accentuate […]



Window Tinting: What’s Legal And What’s Not?

Cop cleared. Baltimore County police say their officer went by the book when he warned Ray Rice the windows on his SUV were too dark. Rice Tweeted he gave the officer an autograph but later insisted that came after the warning.


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Window Choice Could Save You Money

Here’s a window into the world of saving energy.