Yoga Shop Killing


Murder Victim’s Family Tries To Move On After Norwood’s Conviction

A small measure of closure for the family of Jayna Murray, the popular young woman savagely murdered inside a clothing store. Her killer was found guilty of first-degree murder.


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Jury Finds Norwood Guilty Of Killing Co-Worker At Upscale Clothing Store

Late Wednesday evening, a jury found a Bethesda woman guilty of first-degree murder. She killed a Johns Hopkins grad student inside the upscale store where they worked.


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Detective Testifies In Yoga Shop Killing Case

A police detective has testified in the trial of a woman charged with killing a co-worker at a high-end yoga clothing shop.


brittany norwood

Jury Selection To Start Monday For Woman Accused Of Killing Co-Worker

Jury selection is set to begin Monday in the trial of the Montgomery County woman accused of murdering her co-worker, and then creating an elaborate lie to cover it all up.



Yoga Shop Murder Trial Begins Soon; Victim’s Parents Speaks Out

The suspect in the Lululemon murder goes on trial in less than two weeks. And for the first time we’re hearing from the victim’s family.


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Court Date Put Off In Bethesda Yoga Shop Killing

A court hearing has been postponed in the case of a woman charged with killing a co-worker inside a yoga clothing shop in Bethesda.