Zinno’s Picks & Lock Of The Week

It’s been a good season so far. Last week I was 2-1 in college, 2-1 in pro and got my lock correct.

105.7 The Fan–11/02/2012


Zinno’s Picks & Lock Of The Week

Zinno makes his weekly picks in college, NFL and the Lock of the Week. See if you agree or disagree.

105.7 The Fan–10/26/2012

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Zinno’s Picks And Lock Of The Week

I am riding my wave of good fortune until it crashes.  My record so far is this – College: 11-6-1, Pro: 12-6, Lock 5-1. COLLEGE: Florida -3.5 vs. South Carolina West Virginia -2.5 vs. Kansas […]

105.7 The Fan–10/19/2012


Zinno’s Picks & Lock Of The Week

It was a up and down week last week.  3-0 in college. 0-3 in the pros.  But I did get my lock correct.  Here are the season stats: College: 10-5; Pro 10-5; Lock 4-1   […]

105.7 The Fan–10/12/2012


Zinno’s Picks And Lock Of The Week

Here are my picks for this week in college and in the NFL. My season totals: College 7-5, Pro 10-2, Lock 3-1. College: Clemson -10.5 vs. Ga. Tech Florida +2.5 vs. LSU Wisconsin -14 vs. […]

105.7 The Fan–10/05/2012


Zinno’s Picks And Lock Of The Week

Here are my picks this week. So far this season I am 6-3 in college and 7-2 in pro and 3-0 in my “Lock of the Week.” COLLEGE: Georgia -13.5 vs. Tenn Ohio State +3 […]

105.7 The Fan–09/28/2012


Haynie & Zinno Power Rankings Week 4

Here are the worlds greatest power rankings … as expected. We are never wrong! Debate if you like … 1. TEXANS – a ferocious defense and playmakers all over on offense. Early favorite out of […]

105.7 The Fan–09/26/2012


Zinno’s Week 3 Picks And Lock Of The Week

Okay folks … here we go again!  My record so far this season 3-3 in college, 4-2 in pro and 2-0 in my “lock of the week.” COLLEGE: Notre Dame -5 vs. Michigan TCU -18 […]

105.7 The Fan–09/21/2012

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Mark Zinno: My Fantasy Football Nightmare

I tried to coach my girlfriend through her first ever, all-girl, fantasy football draft. This is my nightmare!


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Orioles Pitcher Jason Hammel Live

Orioles pitcher Jason Hammel joined the Haynie and Zinno show to talk about his fast start with the Birds, how being demoted to the bullpen changed his career and how difficult it is to pitch in Colorado.


This is my entire unit.  They were all over Iraq throughout the year and we were happy to be back together!

BLOG: From The Front Lines W/ Zinno…Final Edition!

Well everyone, my time in Baghdad has come near its end. We are re-deploying home soon and I couldn’t be more excited. Our mission here is complete and we will be headed back to the Charm City very shortly.


Even when it's hot, I still look cool! HAHA!

BLOG: From The Front Lines With Zinno

I hope that your summer is treating you well! We are pressing on here in searing temperatures at times. We have topped out at 119 degrees several times here, but have yet to break that 120 mark. I’m kind of disappointed! HAHA!

105.7 The Fan–07/27/2011