Baltimore-Based La’T Makeup Services Provides Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends

February 19, 2013 6:00 AM

Spring officially starts March 20. Warmer temperatures, longer days and blooming plants signal the beginning of the season. Spring is also the beginning of seeing more beautiful splashes of color in clothing and make-up. Many people need some guidance and help about what to do to make their spring  full of color and glamour. The right tip can make an outfit stand out.

LaTonya Winters is the founder and owner of La’T Makeup Services, a Baltimore-based makeup agency and has a background in fashion design, makeup artistry, business management and marketing. Her areas of expertise include film, television, concert, print and much more. Her agency has worked with clients from many walks of life. Some of La’T Makeup Service clients include BBC, BET, ESPN, Quincy Jones, UK Prime Minister David Gordon, Marvin Sapp, Ray Lewis, Dan Rather and many more. Winters took time out of her busy schedule to discuss beauty tips and trends for spring.

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Go Natural
Winters says this spring is going to be about looking natural. She recommends that ladies use less eye shadow, colorful lips and use a bronze-like glow for foundation. The lip color should be something bright or even something that is neon colored.

“Makeup should enhance your natural look.  Makeup should not look caked on or unnatural. If you do too much, it will mask your natural look,” Winter said.

Do Foundation Right
Many women make the mistake of using a foundation that doesn’t match their skin. Winters recommends using more than one foundation to get as close to your natural skin color as possible. She  likes Iman foundation because it is affordable and has a variety of shades.  Some women need something to keep their foundation in place after application.  Winters recommends Urban Decay makeup setting products. You can buy this as a spray or in a tube.  She especially likes Urban Decay’s De-Slick, which helps control oil from makeup and also keeps foundation in place.

Avoid Sharp Brows
Winters says to have a less sharp eyebrow.  She has noticed many people like to have super arched brows, which do not look natural. She said the goal should be for a less sharp and fuller natural-looking brow.

Wear The Right Amount Of Makeup
Winters says to always have something on your lips. Something as simple as lip gloss or lip color can help enhance someone’s look.  With that said, avoid wearing too much eyeliner. This is a common mistake which takes away from the natural look of the eyes. Eyeliner is a great tool if it is used correctly. Bonus: Winters says to use a color besides black when applying eyeliner. She recommends using blue or purple. This is a look that enhances the natural look of the eyes and is also unique.

See A Professional
A session with Winters can be a great gift for the women in your life.

“Women tend to care for everyone and neglect themselves. Pampering someone with a makeup session is a great gift,”  Winters said.

Winters keeps her clients in their comfort zone and enhances their look at the same time. She loves to treat each client with respect.  Whether the client is a world leader or a young lady going to her first prom, each client will be given the same attention, care and respect. 

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