Best Digital Photography Classes In Baltimore

January 24, 2011 9:08 AM


Are you looking to use your digital camera for projects beyond “point and shoot?” Learn to compose and edit your own digital photos by enrolling in the best digital photography classes in Baltimore.
artxpo Best Digital Photography Classes In Baltimore


Art Exposure Inc.

1410 William Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Photographers of every skill level are welcome to take the Introduction to Digital Photography course at Art Exposure Inc. Casual photographers will learn about the basics in camera operation covering lenses, exposure, lighting and composition. Hobbyists and photographers looking to begin a portfolio will learn from hands-on instruction and outdoor sessions. Professional travel photographer and member of the Baltimore Camera Club, Lewis Katz shares her years of experiences with her students. Classes meet on Mondays at Messiah Church on Potomac Street in Baltimore.

mica Best Digital Photography Classes In Baltimore


Maryland Institute College Of Art

1300 W. Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD, 21217

The Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA, allows students to take a course in digital photography on a non-credit basis or under their Bachelor of Arts program. MICA examines the digital era through lectures, readings, field trips and hands-on assignments. Studio work remains a focus of the course, but students are encouraged to exercise their creative talents to develop new ideas in utilizing their digital materials. Students will work with digital cameras, scanners, printers and even videotape. MICA is the oldest accredited degree-granting art college in the United States and when it comes to photography, MICA has kept up-to-date with the latest in digital technology.

techlab Best Digital Photography Classes In Baltimore


Techlab Photo & Digital Imaging

518 East Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21212

Tech Lab Photo offers four-week courses for the novice photographer that wants to learn about every function of a digital camera. This basic 101 course will help you explore every setting of your digital camera, and will teach you new methods that will improve your shots. Classes are limited to 10 students and the only requirements are that you own a digital camera and have a love for taking pictures. At Tech Lab Photo, your photo experiments will always test highly.

dodson Best Digital Photography Classes In Baltimore


The Dodson School Of Art

717 Old Belfast Road
Sparks, Maryland 21152

The Dodson School of Art focuses on portrait and landscape photos in their digital photography classes. Learn to work with lighting in new ways for product shots and artistic imagery. Students will also use Photoshop and related digital software in transforming their digital photos for print. Find cost-effective techniques in making prints and discover new ways to produce professional-quality shots with even the tightest budgets. Whether you are working with a camera with interchangeable lenses or a consumer camera, The Dodson School of Art will help you maximize your camera’s ability.

ccbc Best Digital Photography Classes In Baltimore


The Community College of Baltimore County

800 S. Rolling Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21228

Make the career move and begin your digital photography training at The Community College of Baltimore County. Pursue a two-year Associate of Arts degree in photography with courses covering digital photography, digital imaging, three-dimensional design and color theory. To graduate, a total of 36 or 38 credit hours of general education classes are required, as well as 24 photography credits. Very few community colleges offer specific degrees in photography, so combine the benefit of low tuition fees and CCBC becomes a compelling choice for future photographers. Reinvent yourself by pursuing your passion for photography at The Community College of Baltimore County. 

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