Best French Fries In Baltimore

April 9, 2014 6:00 AM

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Everybody serves french fries. They are the universal staple of all restaurants. With all of these fat fryers bubbling, it’s tempting to think that all fries must be made equal. They’re not. Some eateries put pride and heaps of creativity into how they serve their french fried potatoes, and we’ve identified some of these spots in Baltimore for you to try.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

The Poplar Inn
7700 Wise Ave.
Baltimore, Md. 21222
(410) 285-2590

While the Poplar fries offered at the Poplar Inn come in a traditional style, the fries you will really want to indulge in are the spiral fries. Poplar Inn cooks up some juicy, crisp fries with golden centers, and then offers the choice of Old Bay, mesquite, Cajun or blackened seasonings – an absolutely tremendous selection of spices for absolutely tremendous fries. On a related note, fry fans might just want to dig into the Poplar’s stuffed potato skins. These potato shells are fried on the outside and stuffed inside with bacon and melted cheddar, and they comes with a side of sour cream. Poplar is a popular place for fried potato fans.

(credit: Waterfront Hotel Facebook page)

(credit: Waterfront Hotel Facebook page)

The Waterfront Hotel
1710 Thames St.
Baltimore, Md. 21231
(410) 537-5055

The Waterfront Hotel is an historic landmark in Maryland, having been around in some form or another (private residence, hotel, restaurant, etc.) since 1771. So only naturally, it serves its fries with Old Bay. Not a fan of Old Bay fries? Not to worry. In addition to hand-cutting the fries for that homemade flavor, The Waterfront Hotel offers a wide variety of flavors. You can have yours with BBQ dry rub, garlic and herb or just plain. The fries are served with a spicy aioli, adding just the right touch.



2127 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore, Md. 21231
(410) 276-5480

You may not be aware of this, but when it comes to deep-fried potatoes, you simply cannot get a better taste than duck fat frying. This is exactly what Salt: A New American Tavern offers. Its fries have a rich, satisfying flavor that only the most indulgent of comfort foods can provide. These fries are so good on their own that you may not even need to dip them into the horseradish, black truffle or chipotle aioli sauces that come on the side.

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Annabel Lee Tavern
601 S. Clinton St.
Baltimore, Md. 21224
(410) 522-2929

It may seem strange that an Edgar Allan Poe-themed tavern would be renowned for french fries, but with a flavor as good as this, who’s going to criticize? Annabel Lee has opted for thin fries sizzling in duck fat, perfectly salted, and then tossed in herbs de Provence. The results are a thin, crispy fry with just the right level of moist goodness at the center. Poe would approve.



The Brewer’s Art
1106 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, Md. 21201
(410) 547-6925

It turns out that The Brewer’s Art is serving up more than just a good pint of beer. It also offers an exquisite plate of fries. Brewer’s has opted for shoestring fries – heaps of them – tossed in salt and rosemary. Unsure about rosemary fries? Don’t be. Be assured that what results is a complex, crisp flavor you’ll find yourself shoveling into your mouth faster than you can chug a beer. And speaking of beer, you may find it surprising how well the fries complement the premier beverage of Brewer’s Art. Take a load off and relax with a beer and a plate of fries at BA anytime.

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