Best Party Beaches In Baltimore

June 7, 2014 6:00 AM

The beach party is a summertime activity that Baltimoreans can enjoy any day they choose. There are a few locations nearby that have pure beaches and clean water where one can grill, hang out, swim, play beach games and sometimes even partake in a few adult beverages. Here are some of the highlights.

Rocky Point Beach
2200 Rocky Point Road
Essex, Md. 21221
(410) 887-2818

Rocky Point Beach is a 375-acre park, most of which is waterfront. For beach parties, consider its 300-foot beach, 18 picnic areas in several shaded groves, two playgrounds, a sand volleyball court, a sailing center, a fishing pier, two boat ramps, a bathhouse, a first aid station and a comfort station. With a list of activities that long, it’s fairly safe to say that any kind of maritime yearning you might have will be quickly sated by the multitudinous opportunities at Rocky Point. You can come swim any time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the park allows visitors to reserve the picnic areas if you want to hold your very own private beach party. And what better place to party than an area that overlooks the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Hart-Miller Islands and Craighill Light?

Oregon Ridge Beach
13401 Beaver Dam Road
Cockeysville, Md. 21030
(410) 887-1818

If you want to have a large, wild beach party and you don’t mind a small drive, you could not do better than the beautiful Oregon Ridge Beach. Also operating from Memorial to Labor Day, the expansive park has a picnic area with a pavilion and two grills good for up to 60 guests and another area good for around 120 people. The swimming is clean and comfortable, coming from a spring-fed quarry, and the beach also provides a rustic lodge, which can be rented out for practically any kind of party, be it formal weddings or blowout parties. Check the park schedule. There are fun events year-round, most of which are inexpensive or free to attend.


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Breezy Point Beach
5300 Breezy Point Road
Chesapeake Beach, Md. 20732
(410) 535-0259

Breezy Point Beach and Campground – which sits on the Calvert County section of the Chesapeake Bay – may be one of the most expansive beaches on this list, stretching for a beautiful half-mile of sand-swept fun. Not only is it big, but it is also a campground beach, so it’s a refreshing distance from the noise and crowds of civilization. It has a bathhouse for changing and rinsing off on the way to and from the beach. It also has camping, a long, sturdy fishing pier and a nearby convenience store – for those who want to meet the needs of civilization without also getting the burdens. Despite its campground focus, this is still a beautiful spot for a beach party. It offers picnic areas, volleyball, boating and, of course, swimming open to all.

Seacrets Bar And Grill
117 49th St.
Ocean City, Md. 21842
(410) 524-4900

No list of beach party locations in Maryland would be complete without at least one venue in Ocean City. Few places fit the bill better than Seacrets. Seacrets is a little of everything: restaurant, bar, hotel and night club. There is a “Tiki Bar” right on the beach as well as pavilions where live music is being performed most weekends. Seacrets has kind of a Jamaican theme, so there’s always a party going on, but for something a bit more exclusive, Seacrets offers the opportunity to make reservations for groups of guests. This makes Seacrets the perfect place to either wander in and party, or plan your own beach party ahead of time.

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