Best Poetry Courses

November 25, 2011 1:39 PM


If you’d like to become the next Maya Angelou or Robert Frost, here are some courses that can help you with that ambition.

workshop Best Poetry Courses


Creative Writing Workshop

This is a course where you will write your own poetry and have others evaluate it. These courses are for children and teens are offered every summer.

frostburg Best Poetry Courses


Frostburg Center For Creative Writing

This is a space where you can write poetry and get feedback on your writing. The center also holds poetry slams.

101 Best Poetry Courses


Poetry 101

This is an online course. Costs range from $23 to $48. It’s a six-week course and will help you understand poetry as well as write your own poems.

writerscenter1 Best Poetry Courses


The Writer’s Center

There are several poetry courses offered. Some are reading poetry and some are writing. A few courses will help you get your poems published or help you with rhythm. Cost varies based on course.

retreat Best Poetry Courses


Writing Retreats

This is a weekend writing retreat and workshop. It costs $975, which includes all expenses (conferences, food, a place to stay and a few fun experiences).

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