DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chaz On President Street

May 7, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr baltimore11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chaz On President Street

“Name? The Incredible Hunk because it’s a big, green car.”

The Ride
The Driver: Chaz
Car in Question: 1998 Crown Victoria
Spotted at: President Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Odometer: 102,546
Car’s Nickname: The Incredible Hunk


Q: Chaz! How’d you get The Incredible Hunk?

A: My last car was messed up so I bought this one.

Q: What was wrong with the last one?

A: Everything. It had an oil leak. I was polluting the air pretty bad with it.

Q: How has this car been holding up in comparison?

A: Pretty good. It’s an American car. It’s got a V8 engine, so it’s big and fast.

Q: Are you a fast driver?

A: Yes!

Q: What’s the longest trip you’ve taken in this car?

A: The longest trip is probably Ocean City. I used to go to school at the Eastern Shore, so I go to the beach up there when it gets warm.

Q: What do you play when you drive around?

A: Rap or R&B. I never listen to the radio though, I use an iPhone.

Q: Is your daily commute long?

A: No. My job’s only less than a mile away from my house in West Baltimore.

Q: Do you have any rules when people get in?

A: Not this one. The first car that I had, I had a lot of rules. No dirty feet was a big one. But this car, I don’t even care.

Q: Did people break the rules?

A: No. If they did, they wouldn’t ride!

Photos and interview by Eldis Sula

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