DEFEND YOUR RIDE: David At Power Plant Live!

May 29, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr baltimore11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: David At Power Plant Live!

“It’s smelled like fast food, spilled beer and amorous adventures.”

The Ride
The Driver: David
Vehicle in Question: 2009 Honda Civic
Spotted at: Power Plant Live!, 34 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202

Odometer: 37,352
Vehicle’s Nickname: The Rocket Ship


Q: What are you doing at Power Plant?

A: I drove here from New York. I was seeing some friends in Alexandria. Now I’m here to see a friend from Baltimore.

Q: That’s a lot of driving. Do you mind long trips?

A: I took a trip to Boston recently. I went up with two friends and we smoked cigars the way up. We hot-boxed the car with cigars, just sitting in plumes of smoke. At 11:30 at night in the middle of Connecticut, we were waiting for the cops to come get us. Not that it would have mattered, but we were waiting the whole time.

Q: Didn’t your eyes hurt?

A: Cigar smoke is pretty oppressive, but it was alright.

Q: Do you smoke in your car?

A: No. I don’t even really smoke cigars. This was just a special occasion. It was a road trip with my buds.

Q: Is the smell still in there?

A: I wish! It smells like sour cream now. There’s something wrong with the air filter in the air conditioning unit. It’s just not a pleasant smell when I turn the air on.

Q: What else has your car smelled like in the past?

A: It’s smelled like fast food. It’s smelled like someone spilling a beer and that staying there and fermenting for six months under the seats. It’s smelled like amorous adventures.

Q: I see you have a brick in your trunk. What’s that about?

A: My friend just got me a brick. I’ve been known to collect bricks. I got a brick for my 18th birthday. I took a brick from a mountain in Italy—bricks that seem appropriate at the right time. There’s no other meaning afforded to it. Basically, we were walking around in Alexandria and my friend saw the brick that was loose, picked it up and said, “Hey, here’s Oliver.”

Q: That sounds odd and interesting, I think. OK, one last question: Are Baltimore drivers as bad as people say they are?

A: They do have a little bit of that aggressiveness. They don’t signal to get over five lanes. They just do it!

Photos and interview by Eldis Sula

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