DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jessica & Chad At The Baltimore Farmer’s Market

May 14, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr baltimore11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jessica & Chad At The Baltimore Farmers Market

“We named the first one Shelby, the next one Shelby-Lynne and this one Shelby-Jo.”

The Ride
The Driver: Jessica & Chad
Car in Question: 2005 Chevy Equinox
Spotted at: Baltimore Farmer’s Market, 7 East Redwood Street Baltimore, MD 21202
Odometer: 100,348
Car’s Nickname: Shelby-Jo


Q: How’d Shelby-Jo get its name?

Jessica: When I first saw the car, it looked like a turtle to me. This one is Shelby-Jo. It’s actually the third one. They brought me the wrong color the first two times.

Q: What’s the longest trip you’ve taken in Shelby-Jo?

J: From Texas to here. It was surprisingly fine. I was in the car by myself and it wasn’t bad at all. We lived in Texas, but we came down here for Chad’s military job.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your car?

J: Inside it, when the doors are closed and I’m on the phone, people don’t know I’m in a car. It’s very quiet. When I’m talking to my mom, she’s like, “Where are you? Are you driving?” I’m like, “No, I’m just in the car.” If she knew I was driving she’d say, “Get off the phone now.”

Q: What other cars do you guys own, if any?

Chad: I have a 2010 Lancer Evolution.

J: He’s got the speedy car.

Q: Do you guys usually go the speed limit?

J: I’m in the middle.

C: I have my moments. If I’ve got Jessica or Aiden in the car, I don’t speed. She still thinks I take turns too fast. I take racing lanes, those inside corners. I can’t help it.

Q: What’s this writing on the back?

J: We’re part of this company. It’s health and wellness, energy drinks–that type of stuff. We did a lot in Texas with them, but not so much here.

Q: How does driving in Baltimore compare to driving in Texas?

C: It’s a little bit horrific, actually. It’s not really as bad in some areas, but once you get up to the D.C. metro area where all the Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. people meet, it gets kind of crazy with the different driving styles.

J: People are nicer in Texas. They’ll let you pass. They’ll wave you through. They’ll move off to the side of the road.

C: People here don’t use their turn signals. They cut you off. Everybody speeds. Nobody does the speed limit. Cops don’t care!

Q: What was your angriest moment?

C: I mean, I get angry all the time. Between us, I’m the one to get the most road rage. I usually don’t lean on the horn, but I have once because I realized that it’s a must. Everybody does it. I used to not do it, but I’ve picked up a few bad habits. She doesn’t use it, though.

J: I refuse to let it happen. I don’t care. If they want to hit me, I get a new car. Just as long as it’s not on the baby’s side, I’ll take it.

Q: Does Aiden make a mess?

J: Not yet. We haven’t had to put up with crunched up Doritos, drool, any of that stuff yet.

Q: Did you get anything at the market today?

A: We got greens, onions, sandwiches and donuts. Maybe it won’t be clean for long.

Photos and interview by Eldis Sula

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