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DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nick At The Washington Monument

August 7, 2012 5:00 AM

dyr baltimore11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nick At The Washington Monument

“I’m very protective of my baby.”

The Ride
The Driver: Nick
Car in Question: 2010 GMC Terrain
Spotted at: The George Washington Monument, 1 E. Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 20001
Odometer: 29,521
Car’s Nickname: Nicky, Jr.


Q: Great GMC Nick. Where did you buy it?

A: King Auto in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I actually had to go find out who was selling the car that I wanted. There was no one in the Baltimore Metro area selling it.

Q: This was a very particular car for you. Why is that?

A: I fell in love with it. It’s funny because I was on a car search. There’s nothing too spectacular about the car, but you know, you fall in love with a car as soon as you see it. That was the first thing I fell in love with. For some reason, I don’t know, it clicked, and I had to have that car. It just worked out that I was able to get it. Because at first, it was out of my price range. But it worked out. It worked out well.

Q: Once you selected and attained Nicky, Jr., was he everything you dreamed he would be and more?

A: God, we’re talking about people here or cars? It was. The only thing I would do differently is I would probably get a V6. It’s a four-cylinder in this car. It’s big, but it’s not huge. It’s actually kind of like a Crossover. So I would probably get a V6 because it’s a little more pick-up. But everything else I love about it.

Q: How’s it ride?

A: Smooth. Very smooth.

Q: Is it important to you to have a big car?

A: I wanted to have an SUV because I like to sit up on the road. I don’t like to sink down. At the same time, I love sports cars. It’s got plenty of room, which is great for the business that I do. I pile people in there. We go places. I love road tripping.

Q: Where’s your favorite place to drive?

A: I love driving around the city. But my drive from my house to work in the morning is crappy. I live 45 minutes away from home. It’s all country.

Q: So your commute?

A: Exactly. During the sunset, roll some windows down, play some music. It’s really peaceful. It’s really quiet.

Q: Does your car have any rules?

A: Yes. My brother hates this. I don’t like if anyone has headphones on in my car. But if it’s just me and that person, you have to have a conversation. Other than that, I don’t have a problem with people eating in my car as long as it stays clean.

Q: If it’s a six-hour drive, do you have to have a conversation for the whole six hours?

A: No, I can’t take talking to that person for the whole six hours! Put on some music and we can both shut up.

Photos and interview by Jenn Ladd

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