DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tommy At Towson District Court

April 16, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr baltimore11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tommy At Towson District Court

“It was used, but I feel like it’s my own.”

The Ride
The Driver: Tommy
Car in Question: 2006 Ford Five Hundred
Spotted at: Towson District Court, 120 East Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD 21286
Odometer: 66,931
Car’s Nickname: Mort


Q: What do you love about your car?

A: It’s a tan, newish kind of Ford, so a lot of people think it’s a cop car. I like that because I think maybe if I speed or swerve a little, a cop won’t pull me over.

Q: Are you a cop?

A: Not yet. I can’t do the sit-ups or push-ups yet, but I can just barely run. So probably real soon.

Q: What’s the farthest place you’ve driven to in this car?

A: Last summer I went to Rock the Bells. That was a fun trip. It was me, my brother and two friends. On the way back, we were supposed to go to Lewes, Delaware where my family has a beach house. It was Labor Day weekend. My GPS took us down to Cape May, New Jersey. When I got there, the GPS told us to take the ferry, because the ferry holds cars. So I said, “What? No. The ferry costs $100 and takes three hours.” So long story short, we drove all the way down to Cape May and ended up driving all the way back up north through Jersey. It added like four hours to our trip.

Q: Did you make your passengers pitch in extra for gas?

A: Absolutely. It was a ton of gas.

Q: Do you have any other rules for your car?

A: I don’t really have any rules. People are allowed to smoke. They’re allowed to eat as long as it’s not messy, or as long as they don’t make a mess. My car’s not even that dirty. Usually I don’t have sloppy people in my car, so it’s not really an issue.

Q: How’d you get your car?

A: I got it winter 2010. It was the lowest stress car purchase ever. My dad was shopping around for a car. He pretty much did all the work. I’m paying the monthly and he helped me out with the upfront stuff.

Q: Were you weird about getting a used car?

A: I don’t really care about that. You can get good deals on used cars. This was in really good condition for a used car. Other than the fact that a child lock in the back works too well.

Q: What’s your ideal future car?

A: I’m definitely going to get a black car. I don’t really want a tan car. I don’t think I want a white car either. But a black Mazda would be nice. Or a Lambo.

Q: So you’re keeping your options pretty narrow to either one of those, huh?

A: Hell, yeah. Or a ’60s style Volkswagen van would be really fun. I feel like those are hard to get, but how much fun would one of those be to have? They’re ridiculous.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say about your Five Hundred?

A: It’s a great car that we got for a great deal. Until I can afford a black Mazda, a Lambo, or a VW bus, and spinners for whatever I decide on, this is great.

Photos and interview by Eldis Sula

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