DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tricia At North Run Farm

October 24, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr baltimore11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tricia At North Run Farm

“Everyone hits this car!”

The Ride
The Driver: Tricia
Car in Question: 2008 Black Mazda 3
Spotted at: North Run Farm Pumpkin Patch, Stevenson, MD 21153
Odometer: 78,304
Car’s Nickname: Tony


Q: What’s wrong with your car?

A: Right now it has a donut on the front tire.

Q: What happened?

A: I don’t know. I was driving around and I was like, wow, there’s a weird noise. Then my car started veering to the left.

Q: Was it on the freeway?

A: No, it was on Route 40 in Bel Air.

Q: Did you change it yourself?

A: Absolutely not. I had my passenger with me and he changed it.

Q: Are you going to change the tire soon?

A: I tried to go today. I go to this place on 40 that’s kind of shady, but they give you tires for forty bucks. They were closed though.

Q: Are you from Bel Air?

A: No, I’m from Reisterstown.

Q: So the tire exploded out of nowhere?!

A: Out of nowhere. It’s a demon car.

Q: Demon car? What else happened to it?

A: This back bumper has been replaced three times. This back door is a 2010. Someone drunk ran a red light and crushed the inside. It was $9,000 for her to fix. I didn’t have to pay for it fortunately. My insurance covered it.

Q: Wow.

A: In Fells Point, someone keyed it.

Q: An enemy?

A: No, just some drunk idiot walking around. And my neighbor hit the front of it once. Oh, and another neighbor hit the front mirror before, too.

Q: Anything else?

A: You have to close the back door twice to register that it’s actually closed.

Q: The one that was crushed and keyed?

A: Yeah. It’s like sorcery. If you open it once and close it, it doesn’t sense that it’s closed.

Q: Do people get annoyed when they have to do that?

A: I don’t think so. Today it was just like, open and close it twice.

Q: Well, at least your car is safe enough to drive to pumpkin patches.

A: True. It got us here no problem.

Q: Have you taken a lot of long distance trips in this car?

A: I took it to Florida in June or July. I’ve driven it to Georgia before. I took it to Savannah the summer before that.

Q: Oh. So mechanically, at least, it’s fine.

A: Yeah.

Q: What do you use this car for mainly?

A: School and work.

Q: Do you go to school in the area?

A: CCBC in Catonsville.

Q: Do you have any rules in the car when people are with you?

A: <laughs> No, I don’t think so.

Q: OK, so be honest, lead foot?

A: Absolutely.

Q: But all the accidents had nothing to do with that, I’m sure.

A: No! None of them were my fault.

Q: What do you usually listen to when you drive?

A: It depends. Usually the iPod or the radio.

Q: If your car had a human emotion what would it be?

A: Ultimate sadness.

Q: Does it have a nickname?

A: Tony.

Q: Why Tony?

A: I have no idea. Just…Tony Mazda? I don’t know, it has a good ring to it.

Q: You just gave it a generic name?

A: Yeah.

Q: How’d you get it? How long have you had it?

A: I bought it in 2008. I bought it new. I just went to the dealership and said, I want this car, and I bought it.

Q: What do you think your next car will be?

A: I don’t know. I’m going to drive this till it dies, till it just can’t go any farther.

Q: Well it sounds like, despite all the afflictions, it might take longer than you’d like.

A: Yeah. It’s indestructible.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about your car?

A: It’s for sale, if you wanna buy it.

Q: How much are you willing to sell this incredible car for?

A: Ten thousand dollars.

Q: We’ll get back to you.

A: <laughs>

Photos and interview by Eldis Sula

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