BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Have you heard of Home Performance With Energy Star? It’s a national program that’s offered to all BGE customers.

Mary Bubala reports rather than focusing on a single problem, like leaky windows, the home performance review looks at energy issues throughout your entire home.

A certified home performance contractor will complete an energy audit of your home, which includes a visual inspection and diagnostic tests.

Benefits include rebates and potential energy savings of 20 percent or more if you take the recommendations of the audit.

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  1. PAT NEWLAND says:

    i live at 2300 lauretta ave and i’m in need of some bad help with my energy and windows becaus e the landlord won’t help i have my windows boarded up because the children break them out and it is cold on the inside od my house even with the heat please help. thank you

    1. Michele says:

      I live in a single wide mobile home. My BGE bill is so high, I have to choose to either eat for the month or pay the bill. I had an audit done in Dec. I received a call the other day that I was approved for a new heating and a/c unit inside and out. I also got approved for all new installation all around. The audits are worth it if you can get one.!

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