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Comments (205)
  1. Shelley says:

    Hate the new website!! I love your station and always checked your site for news and weather because it was simple and clean,easy to navigate. new site way too cluttered

    1. Sandy says:

      I hate it too. The old one was far more user friendly.

    2. Janet says:

      I totally agree this new web site stinks. I will have to go to WBAL’s web site from now on. Your old site was the only one I went to it was great everything was easy to find. THis one is horrible.

      1. AL says:

        Same here I hate your web site. A 12 yr old boy could do better..Much better.

        Please fix..Please

    3. Jim says:

      All I can say about this is BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do away with all the adds. and garbage. Looks like some computer geek is trying to impress someone.

    4. Karen Carey says:

      Ditto!!!! I don’t even check the website as much as I used to (several times a day) or use it in my teaching lessons as a special education teacher. The website was perfect for my special education students to learn news and info about the area in which they live and use it for consumer skills(to just name one application). I am 45 years old, born in Sussex County Delaware and moved to the big city after college. In my family, WJZ is family. We still watch the broadcast, particularly the older members of my extended family. But with my own family, busy and on the go, the prior WJZ website was my connection to WJZ and the excellent news coverage it provides when I missed the early evening broadcast and just couldn’t keep my eyes open for the 11:00 newscast. The prior website even allowed you easy access to the Baltimore Sun. Now, I just have to hope if I don’t get to see a WJZ newscast, the story or info will be big enough to make the newspaper. I cannot say it loud enough and in my students’ venacular – THE CURRENT WJZ WEBSITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. c. younger says:

      I hate the website too. Whoever changed it should be fired! I would use this site all the time and now I never use it. The only reason I came on today is to finally complain about how much I HATE IT! WBAL here I come.

    6. Ron says:

      ditto. I rarely go to the website anymore.

    7. Bobbi Jean Mattson says:

      i thought I was on the wrong site.. not user friendly at all

      1. Karen says:

        Agree. This was my favorite news website but hate it now! I thought maybe I would give it time to grow on me but I only find it more irritating each time I return to check it out again. I really do find the comments people leave annoying because most of time people are ranting about racist issues or about how bad Baltimore City is and these comments usually have absolutely nothing to do with the news story. Why is WJZ giving these people a forum to view such racist negative remarks? I agree with freedom of speech but it is certainly not news worthy.
        I will continue to watch WJZ TV news (when I get home in time to do so) but unfortunately will not be visitng the site on a daily basis anymore.

    8. christina flowers says:

      I have watched your news site for all my life i believe and i am 40yrs old now and i am concerned bcuz now i reach out to news for importand stories about important city concerning topics and events going on in people honor and i have no feed back but someone who do cupcakes can make it on your show help me understand who decerns what is important news for baltimore city?

    9. Jonathan says:

      For several I used to come to WJZ-News Site every evening, now I come every 6 to 8 weeks, why? Because YOU HAVE RUINED A GOOD THING!!” The old saying is….”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! You have tried fixing something that wasn’t broke!! I too hate this new website! I don’t hate you, I have loved WJZ since way back since 1962, 49 years!! I do hate this design & navigation, plus it’s impersonal atmosphere you created & have apparently agreed upon with someone’s approval! It used to feel like it was Maryland, now it feels like a foreign land!!! I will be back in about another 6 to 8 weeks. Again, I hate what you have done to this site! I hope you hear, listen, then react to what made you Maryland’s Own Original WJZ TV-13!! Thank you for reading me feelings. I truly hope hyou hear our voice?

  2. John says:

    I dod not like the new web site. It is to hard to navigate. It looks like one big commercial. The talent bio page has been removed. Please return the web page back to a people friendly web site.

  3. ljp says:

    This new website SUCKS! Its not easy to look at and not user friendly.

    1. signman says:

      Yes you are so right and I am proud of you for doing what you did.How else would they know as we the people who watch WJZ also use the web site!

  4. Darbie says:

    Why did someone find the need to fix something that wasn’t broken????
    This new site is TERRIBLE all the way around. PLEASE, go back to the
    original format and ‘leave it alone’!

  5. Kelly says:

    The new website is horrible to navigate, I understand the need for updating but this is crazy. You’ve changed the content too much and where in the world is my water cooler??????????

    1. philip ceraulo says:

      hi kelly this from ssa woodlawn ok phil

  6. Debbie says:

    I DO NOT like this new website!!! Bring back the other – way easier and nicer to look at….this is just horrible!! Why would you change a good thing?

  7. Stephen says:

    The minor league Orioles from 1903 thru 1953 had some of the best teams ever to take diamond. Check out and enjoy!. If you attended the games pass on website address!

  8. Leah says:

    Terrible new website! Loved the old one where I could find things like water cooler, pets, etc. You’ve NOT improved it, you’ve made it unwelcoming.

  9. Bettylu says:

    This new site is terrible. Local news and weather info is buried under ads and junk. Very hard to use–WJZ was always my first search for local news and weather but it will now be WBAL

  10. Carla says:

    I have to chime in with the rest of the posters here. The new website is plain awful and completely cluttered. When ever there was a breaking news story or when there was a big weather event going on, I would go directly to WJZ first. I guess I’ll be heading over to WBAL or to The Weather Channel site from now on. This site is way too jumbled up to navigate. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it before.

    I have a suggestion. Make the “Poll of the Day” about this website. You’ll see.

    1. c. younger says:

      good idea! POLL US!

  11. Carla says:

    One more thing! I cannot find where I can send an email directly to Don & Marty! Looks like the domain name has changed. This site truly is disappointing.

    I can’t find the nifty profile pages for the individual broadcasters anymore. It seems as if the site is all corporate now and has completely lost the local touch of Baltimore. So sad.

    1. Darlene B Simering says:

      I have been trying to do the same thing, and cannot find where I send a e-mail..

  12. JOANNA WHITE says:

    This is really awful. Please scrap the new web-site and bring back the other one.


  13. pigeon says:

    Absolutely horrible changes! Do not like it even a little bit. Guess I’ll go to another “station”

  14. Leslie says:

    The new web site is absolutely awful !!!!!!! Bring back the old one. Noting was wrong with that one.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I was shocked to see the new website….it is HORRIBLE. It is NOT user friendly. I would check WJZ website quite a few times a day and now I will be checking other stations websites from now on…..

  16. G says:

    The question is will anyone listen to the complaints of this awful site?? Doubtful. One of the worst websites I have ever seen. here I come Channel 11

  17. angela says:

    Terrible horrible cluttered !! wonder how much research was put into this new web site? Good luck with ratings and getting folks to actually click on any of those ads/banners that now litter the web site.

    Get a new marketing team and some one who knows how to do research and get this trash site fixed back to the one that was not broken. I understand things need to change from time to time but really… where was the persons thoughts that came up with this new idea.
    Bye WJZ I will be looking to another web site for my news and weather starting today

  18. greg says:

    hey CBS WJZ what is going on ?? Your new web site is terriable switch it back

  19. stationnorth says:

    The new website is horrible. I switched from WBALTV’s website to WJZ and now it looks like I will have to find another home page. Goodbye.

  20. Mike Mayne Sr says:

    Alpena Michigan State Police is missing A K-9 named Bane since Nov.14th it is possible someone passing thru could have picked him up and do not know hopefully you can pass this info on

  21. Robin says:

    I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW FORMAT! Lost me for sure this time!

    1. Mike says:

      Agreed – it is terrible!! I guess I’ll swithc to wbal!!

  22. K. says:

    This new format is the pits I’ll have to get my news elsewhere.

  23. kathy says:

    where is it’s academic?

    Seems to have lost some of the local connection.

    Don’t like the new format

  24. Sharon M says:


  25. mike says:

    What happened to our local news channel? this is nothing but a cut and paste format for all CBS affiliates and has lost the personal feel. cant even find what you need to find on USED to be my daily stop for news. no more.

    1. Elyse says:

      I, too, strongly dislike the new format/web page. I will look for other local news web pages and this is sad to lose loyal fans from the previous easy to navigate and visually appealing layout! When you change it back or make it more appealing I’ll think of coming back–but until then, adios!

  26. Jim Alford says:

    The new website format is terrible. it is difficult to find what you are looking for and there is far too much clutter on the screen. If it stays this bad I will have to go to other sites for my local news. I’ve been loyal to WJZ since I moved to the area 8 years ago, but this site now is just frustrating to use.

  27. RITA BACOTE says:


  28. J Clark says:

    This new format is awful, too cluttered! I relied on the traffic report because I commute a lot and it was quick and easy to read. Now I have to wait for it to load and it is never accurate. I can no longer access this site at work either because my company identifies this site as a social networking site and those get blocked. Guess I will have to go somewhere else to get the news and traffic.

  29. sandy v says:

    I don’t like this new format wjz use to be original but this isn’t nice its to much to look up and read now i look at wbal cause its easier to go straight to the news stories thats local

  30. pigeon says:

    What is the time limit on completing a “comment”. So far today I have been shut out 3 times while in the middle of writing a comment. This new format absolutely, without a doubt, stinks. It’s just horrible. Who did you get to write the program(s); they surely had their heads where the sun doesn’t shine!

  31. Ms T says:

    This change sucks BIG TIME, you know the old saying if it’s not broke, don’t fix, you really mess this site up with this change. Now I have to go elsewhere for the news. Thanks alot.

  32. Karen says:

    I agree, old format was much better — this one is terrible….can’t find anything!
    go back to the old format — much better and could find all the local news…I signed up to get the news twice a day, at 9 am and 3 pm — now don’t get anything!! Please change it back to the way it was!

  33. Donna Valente Harrigan says:

    Come on WJZ. There have been major traffic problems and accidents in Carroll County since 11:00 AM this morning and traffic is still crawling along the major arteries. And no mention from your anchors or even your traffic person. I guess we don’t rate a news story out here!

    1. Barbara Vogt Chandler says:

      I hate this format! I am tryin to get them to report as well. I sent an email that my husband is on hour 2 of a normally 35 minute commute. Still no reporting!!!

  34. Sandy R says:

    This new website is aweful! IT”S GENERIC! NOTHING LIKE THE OLD SITE, WHERE ONE AT LEAST COULD FIND THINGS ! GO back to your old site PLEASE!!!!!

  35. Tammy Green says:

    I AGREE! My family, 2 adults and 3 teenagers, always relied on WJZ’s website to get all their information. Now it is too complicated and not easy to find the stories you are looking for. Not going elsewhere due to lifetime loyalty, but we are not happy and anytime one of us logs on we complain about it!! Can you please change it back?

  36. John R says:

    Perhaps the worse format change I have seen on the entire internet.
    Will someone from WJZ please address the issue?
    Is this coming from CBs, or is this something you guys dreamed up locally?

    And while you are at it, update your links on the weather page.
    Half of them now take you to :That page not found”

    And for some reason, even though this comment submission form says “Name OR e-mail” it won’t submit unless an e-mail is provided.

    Talk to your I.T people and get this mess of a website cleaned up

  37. Kathy says:

    This was my main page for news and weather I love WJZ but this new format is the worst site I’ve ever seen! Obviously other people many people feel the same. PLEASE go back to the nice neat simple format you had before. This is just a clutter mess!!! I”m shocked! Its bad when you have to do a Search function to find the contact page alone!

  38. Terri says:

    Really not impressed with this new format. Too difficult to navigate. I would always check the old web site at lunch for news. Not any more.

  39. DAWN says:


  40. Mark says:

    reason Reliant stadium roof closed…
    I was at game, temp outside was cool but comfortable, many, many Raven fans.. roof is up very high, not a wind issue, it was closed to amplify the crowd and sound system! They did an outstanding job of drowning out any Raven offense audibles!

  41. sunshine12 says:

    Your new web page or format is HORRIBLE!!! It SUCKS!! I can’t find the half the stuff I want to read. As far as posting a comment on a story if you do not get it done within a reasonable time it just goes back to teh story. I will stick with Channel 2 or 11 at least it is user friendly! Whoever approved this change needs to go back to the old one!!

  42. Russell Burks Sr says:

    I was getting your news sent to me twice daily and then they stopped. Can you tell me how to resubscribe to this. REB

  43. K McNamara says:

    This common branding with the radio side is useless and pathetic. Content that used to be available on no longer exists; and this site looks like every other CBS local site on the web — and they all look horrendous, with the most useless user interfacing ever. I hope you didn’t pay real money to have this done. As a professional web designer, I heartily agree with those users who say the new site SUCKS (to use a word), and will not recommend this site to anyone. Furthermore, since you went to this scheme, carries no local news any more. How are you supposed to read this from a mobile device? I suppose if you don’t care about the standard web users, you really forget the mobile customers. And the hoops through which you have to jump to find this page are pathetic. But then, I guess if you’re going to throw up this slop, you really don’t want to hear users’ opinions on it, do you?

  44. Murf says:

    Will watching the deer being saved, He should have been helping, isnt that part of his job..

  45. Glen Burnie says:

    Seriously, is anyone on WJZ reading the comments? This format is really awful. Guess I will head over the WBAL with the rest of em.

  46. Missy says:

    I had to search for where to contact you – contact info is no where that I could easily find it. Had to google contact cbs…. I wanted to tell you that I HATE the new website.

    I especially hate it when I am in the middle of watching a news video or reading a new report, and the page suddenly refreshes! I am going to quit coming here for news if this keeps going on. It is too frustrating.

    And the ads that I have to wait for just to see a report are annoying. If they weren’t the same ones over and over…. I have memorized them and cannot stand them. It does not cause me to want to do business with any of the advertizers.

  47. Jackie says:

    Where is the lottery info, you had the best anywhere on old web site. What is the time limit on completing a “comment”. So far today I have been shut out 3 times while in the middle of writing a comment. WJZ is a local Station ….Why the NATIONAL approach. WJZ local committment is what made many choose WJZ in the first place!!! DON”T FIX WHAT ISN”T BROKEN!!

  48. Nate says:

    Other CBS affiliates have gone to the same format. Looks like the corporate office forced down an update. Pretty unsatisfactory…the layout is terrible.

  49. Diane says:

    I hate this new website – bring the old one back. The old site was user friendly and much better!

  50. Dawn says:

    I don’t like the new website. It may be intentional but your advertising stands out more than the actual news. Prior to the site changes was my primary site for local news. However, the new look and feel of the site is too busy and causes me to avoid it almost completely. I even had a hard time finding this area to comment but I was motivated to comment so I just searched until I found it. Please modify this site because I love wjz.

  51. Paul says:

    Why is it so hard to find the day’s TV listings on this website?

  52. Radny says:

    Bring back the old WJZ themed website. This one is so generically CBS. When I travel away from home, I look to the WJZ website for local news. This doesn;t do it.

  53. Jeff W. says:

    Just like everyone else, I hate the new the web page lay out. Please go back to the old. I miss the Water Cooler, it was one my daily pages to look at. Plus the new layout is not easy to navigate. I look forward to seeing it change back.

  54. Cat Delss says:

    This new website is horrible!!!! Bring back the old one- it was much easier to work with.

  55. Jen Filetto says:

    This new website sucks! It has too much going on. The old one was much more user friendly. I will not be using this site for my news anymore.

  56. Debbe Eyring says:

    If everyone stops using the website it might make a difference. I will also encourage others to stop. It is one big infomercial and not locally friendly. The only way to hit back is to stop viewing Channel 13, let their numbers drop and then someone might get it. What a bad management decision.

  57. Tim says:

    Check out Fox 45’s website. It is as good if not better than WBAL,

  58. Kelley from Glen Burnie says:

    Gigi Barnett need not laugh about some woman with Cancer and has recently contracted pneumonia. The lady had a chest X-Ray and thought that she an image of Jesus Christ over her heart. Gigi began laughing uncontrolably. God forbid Gigi, what if the shoe was on the other foot.

  59. Janie says:

    This new format is very very bad. It is not user friendly, not even to send a comment. (4th try)

    Marty Bass’ comments about the Philly/Vikings game change to Tuesday not was rediculous. The local government had issued a state of emergency which only allowed essential personel on the streets. Football players and their fans are not essential personnel. Safety comes first. This was bigger then the NFL

  60. Lorraine Kaehler says:


  61. Cathy says:

    I have to say to i do not like your new website one bit it is very hard to look at i miss the other one bring it back!!!

  62. James says:

    It took me forever to find a “Contact Us” page!! I do not like this new website!! It was great the way it was. Why did you have to go and change something that wasn’t even broken? This is website is so difficult to navigate it actually gives me headaches and now I just go to a competitor’s website to catch up on news when out of town. If it is something CBS is forcing you to do, which it seems like it is, stick it to them and tell em to listen to their viewers!!

  63. JC says:

    I see I’m not alone in disliking this new website. I used to enjoy your website, but this is too much work — hard to navigate, not user friendly at all.

  64. Lorraine Kaehler says:

    Not liking how this page uploads — and erases our “comment work” we painstakingly take to think and write out dear words for you people … sorry … xxx

  65. Lorraine Kaehler says:

    I also agree with Jmaes and JC … ( this is not a thumbs up for the grassroots spirit of the viewers or the communities around that supported WJZ-TVs grassroots spirit for the people … not good …xxx lol !!!

  66. JOE LOMBARDI says:


  67. kimba127 says:

    I saw this while reading through all the messages about the website and thought this was worthy of reposting:

    Alpena Michigan State Police is missing A K-9 named Bane since Nov.14th it is possible someone passing thru could have picked him up and do not know hopefully you can pass this info on

  68. kimba127 says:

    The Mayor has declared the streets of Baltimore be lit purple! And we have the gel to do it. We’ve been helping Martin’s West show our team spirit for years.

    Cannon Stage Lighting
    1717 Whitehead Road
    Baltimore, MD 21207


  69. Craig says:

    Your new website is just plain horrible. Is this really the best you could do?

  70. LaShawn Clark says:


  71. Gail L says:

    Has anyone read these comments. This new site is horrible. Cannot find anything. Guess I will find a new station to follow.
    What were you thinking when you made this new website?

  72. Cindy says:

    Bring back the old format – what happened to the local commitment!!! DON”T FIX WHAT ISN”T BROKEN!! I can’t find anything and its awful to navigate – I won’t be getting my LOCAL or NATIONAL news from here any time soon

  73. Disgrunt5led says:

    When do we get to see today’s DR. Phil?

  74. Don says:

    I must agree this website is horrible. was my start page and I used the old website throughout the day and watched the morning, and nightly news broadcasts on TV. Why would you change such a useful and popular website? I hate to say that I will continue to watch WJZ on TV but I will NOT continue to use this new format website! My apologies.

  75. keith says:

    what the hell happened to kelly lynn????????

  76. Michele says:

    This NEW website is not a good thing! Where are pets and lifestyle??? This new site is not user friendly, difficult to navigate and devoid of the local flavor of Baltimore. It’s a cookie cutter website and that’s not B’more. If your goal was to send the loyal fans of to other websites, you have succeeded. Bring back the old website please!!!

  77. Sarah says:

    Awesome ravens picture!

  78. Jim says:

    Why when a person clicks on the programming guide does the link go to the comment page. You will loose business if your web design is this stupid. WAKEUP

    PS If someone wanted to watch WJZTV it would help to have a program guide that works. Guess i will watch the competition, There site works.

  79. Judy says:

    This new layout sucks big time! Horrible navigation and lame graphics, should have left well enough alone!

  80. RENE' says:


  81. Harry.osullivan says:

    I STRONGLY do not like the NEW WEB SITE>>
    Was this designed by a CHINAMAN…Terrible..can’t find JEREMY CONNS Email? Why not a TAB for Email addresses of ON AIR PERSONALITIES..

  82. Laura says:

    Agreed…I’ve been looking for something for 20 minutes! This website is a disaster.

  83. DJ JONNYBLAZE says: very very uplifting song for baltimore

  84. JONNY BLAZE says: very very uplifting song for baltimore

  85. ProudDad says:

    Ray Lewis’ contest winner, Madison Wall, crushes the competition with The Ray”D”ator, the new name for the RL52 snuggie.

  86. Eric says:

    I’m not too crazy about this newly updated web-site either.

  87. Dora says:

    Please bring back the old site. This website is not friendly. I love the news channel, but I’ll have to use channel 11 for a web based news site. I miss the water cooler.

  88. exCBSWebsiteViewer says:

    This website is so poorly designed, I cannot bare to view it any longer. I loved, and always visited it several times a day. Despite my best efforts in trying to get used to this terribly executed excuse for a website, I must move on. Thanks for fixing something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Also, thanks for teaching me what NOT to do to a loyal audience. This is the last time I will be visiting this Lincoln Tech graduate designed website. I’ve seen better attempts done by 10 year olds using MS FrontPage. I guess I’ll have to resort to, and for my online LOCAL news source.

  89. Matt says:

    I agree with so many others about the new site. It is just horrible. Do we have any hope at seeing the old one again?

  90. Bo says:

    Horrible webpage and what happened to the Iphone App? Looks like the ship is sinking, time to get off. Hello WBAL.

  91. Justin says:

    OH NO! Always turned to WJZ for EVERYTHING. THE NEW WEBSITE IS HORRIBLE. Layout is terrible, not user friendly, all the pictures of anchors and reporters are sooooo outdated it’s not even funny, they don’t even really look like that anymore! Everything is so hard to navigate, WHAT A JOKE!!! PLEASE FIX SOMETHING!

  92. BondedFlea4 says:

    I’m 13 and have done a WAY BETTER website than this. I came on this page looking for advertising oppurtunities, and I get a trainwreck of a page layout instead. heres my website:

  93. Marv Beck says:

    Really hate the new lately. Seems you play down the good stuff that everyone wants to hear…News!!!! Instead you play up how bad Christina did at the Super Bowl. She did apologize and did get the point across, so can we let it go?

  94. Cathy Stouch says:

    Am I the only person who thinks the new VP of Egypt, Mr. Suleiman, looks exactly like Marty Bass? Please take a look and then let’s get Marty to declare new elections in Egypt.

  95. says:

    The new site is good but I think it could be better. Maybe I can help?? I have done many since I started in 1997, with each one being better then the last; I always strive for perfection and professionalism. Feel free to check out my current site and let me know if I can help.

  96. Sherry Schaeffer says:

    i”m not sure at the moment but there is a fire somewhere in Canton. I believe it’s on O’Donnell St. near the Leers 2 Bar

    1. BrianP says:

      thanx we’ll be right over. can u call 911 while ur waiting??

  97. wayne says:

    their weather reports have really gotten bad i’v always watched 13 since i was a child but now i’m wbal because when they tell the weather you can count on it 13 those guys i don’t know where they get their reports but they couldn’t right if they tryed all wekkend it was not even closeto wha they said it would be 11 news got it right on the head bob turk is theonly one that gives it to ya as a posibility. and yes this is the worst site why did they change it nothing was wrong with the last one

  98. kay says:

    sI’ve already written and complalined about this new website. Obviously it is geared to the almighty CBS but it still is not user friendly but what do I know – I’m just a long time watcher of WJZ and it is sad to see this new website.

  99. nancy says:

    never had the experience of viewing your old web site but i have reviewed quite a few of the comments. i do have to say that i was disappointed.

  100. Mike in Hampstead says:

    All this talk about Flaco, I bet if Claton would have caught that 4th down pass last year, if Bolton would have caught the touch down pass against the Steelers & Hush’s 4th down drop in the same game. Make those catches and I bet the talk is a lot different.
    Seems that the Steelers and Pat’s always make those catches.

  101. Ed Garton says:

    I am a faithful watcher of WJZ News,4:5:6:and11:00, but why does it have to be out of sync most of the time?

  102. Joshua Levy says:

    Please, please, less (or no) Damon, more Mark and more Bob Haynie for sure. Bulldog ruins the show with his constant pontification and interuption of callers and the HOST MARK!!!!

  103. Brenda says:

    Marty Bass was extremely rud to the Coffee With guest on 28 February. He cut him off right at the start. You should look at the tape and see the mans face when he interrupts him. It’s not the first time Marty has been rude. I will not the show whenever he’s on.

  104. Paul Brookshire says:

    Don, The Star spangle banner was not moved in a fire truck. It was moved in a DUNBAR ARMORED truck. The largest famimily owned Amedered car service in the world. This compamy is headquartered in Maryland and as a very long history with Maryland. The most porfestional group of people you will ever see doing that work.

  105. Sandra says:

    To WJZ: Denise please read! RE: Supreme Court / anto gay demo

    I hope you read this to the public so that everyone knows there are many of us who feel this way about extremists.
    I’m writing in reference to the article on the Supreme Court decision today.
    Protesters who paticipated in the anti gay demonstration at the Snyder funeral in most people’s opinions are those who give Christians a bad name. There are many of us Mr. Snyder (father and family) who are Christians as well that do not support their behavior.
    Extremists unfortunately do more harm than good. We are very very sorry. On a personal level I hope all the appeals made will bring light to the need for some type of change or amendment for inexcusable extreme behavior on this level.
    With your son willing to give his life for service of this country, it should far outweigh his worthand love than anyone promoting their extreme beliefs at the cost of another human being’s dignity; which is exactly what they did.
    To the protesters: He would have died for you. Was that not one of the very roots of your religion 2000 years ago. Today when you behave in this manner, you may as well have been doing it 2000 years ago to someone else on a cross.
    What kind of love is that? ……Human Rights where are you?
    4709 Schley Ave.
    Baltimore, MD 21206

  106. Donna says:

    I was totally disgusted with Marty on the 3/2/11 show when he proceeded to quiz everyone on who had tasted breast milk. It was inappropriate for him to put Don on the spot the way he did, as well as ask all of the camera men on the set. What does this have to do with news and how is he allowed to get away with his outrageous behavior? I’m sure his wife would not have been happy with him spilling his guts like that.

  107. D. M. Sullivan says:

    Please forward this to Engineering:
    I live in Timonium and use a Channel Master CM7000 converter to receive TV broadcasts OTA. I can get all local network and PBS stations as well as some Washington stations with no problems and stable, full signal strength. However, WJZ is the only station that I get constant dropouts and pixelization. I don’t know if you have a signal strength issue or high noise figure or if it involves your broadcast frequency. My signal strength display jumps all over the place from 100% down to 10%. This makes me think you may have a noise problem. I thought that, when the gov’t forced the digital conversion down our throats we were supposed to be able to receive our local stations satisfactorily with converters. This is certainly not the case with WJZ. Many times I just give up and change the channel. Is there a plan to fix this? I have spoken with others who have the same issue using other brands of converters. Thank You

  108. RDNKKKGRL says:


  109. BrianP says:

    I was curious about Jessica. Pre-baby Jess was so very happy and you could see it in her eyes and it really came through in her personality. I get the sense something is wrong. I can see it in her eyes and listening to her voice. Something’s changed. Of course I realize a newborn is a huge respon getting up several x’s night. I get that. But I really like the way she presented the news. It was always a cheerful,hopeful, soul I was listening to. I just wanted to make sure she is ok. I don’t expect a reply on the nature of the question, but really hope she’s not stressed, or something like that.

  110. Bob C says:

    Bob C
    Do you all think EVERYONE likes basketball? Bet if you took a poll, there would be more that doesn’t like it! Bring back the news, at least!

  111. martha t. bear says:

    I would like a copy of the news lead in intro that says wjztv, wjzhd, in the city, in the county, and in your neighborhood. I think I recognize a friend walking down the street as you say in the city. He has on a gray sweater with re/black stripes on the arms, he has on jeans and is wearing an apron tied in the back. can you send me video or a still of him?

  112. Craig M. Braswell Sr. says:

    My name is Craig M. Braswell Sr. and I am trying to do some thing that I never wanted to do and that is to go public with my problem. I am a 13 year active Army Disabled Veteran from Oct. 1979 -Nov. 1992 that was forced out on a Medical Discharge after doing 9 months in Iraq during the first Desert Storm (Dec 1990-Aug. 1991) and here it is over 18 years and I am still fighting for my Disability. I have gone thru DAV the VA, Barbara Mikulski, and even sent letters to the White House and I am still getting lied to and blown off just like so many of our Vets that gave every thing that they could to our Government and the people that we love (Americans) and many of us still would to protect our Country.

  113. Gil Brooks Jr says:

    I have been a loyal WJZ viewer for around 40 years, but this new website change has to be the WORST thing I’ve seen you guys do in those 40 years! What is up with the videos, haven’t been able to get any of them to play since the chnage, and yet the Flash videos from other sites seem to be working perfect? Hate to say this but I might as well delete WJZ on Facebook as well, since everytime I get a story on there that comes with a video, I can’t watch it on and have to go to ANOTHER news outlet to view THEIR video.

  114. Gil Brooks Jr says:

    Oh, and BTW, I’m with everyone else here who hates the new website. Quite frankly, it is just one huge train wreck as far as web design goes! The issues are just too many to list here; I’d suggest hiring a new firm and starting over from scratch! Sorry, that’s the way it is.

  115. Victoria says:

    I watch your station regularly but only read your website occasionally because without fail there is always always ALWAYS some racist going on and on about how everything in the world that is wrong is because of black people. If there was a stabbing in a white club then black people must have come in and started the fight. If a drunk person hits a black officer then that black officer must have deserved the assault. Then everyone gets upset and instead of commenting on the issues in the article it turns into a hate forum. I have reported abusive comments but it appears your website enjoys promoting racism and hate because you do nothing. Well I will leave you to it because I’m sick of being disgusted by the post on your boards. I’m going to the

  116. Ernie says:

    It’s been a while since I left my 2 cents about this web site design. Looks like nothing has changed, guess I will head back to What a shame!

  117. Sam says:

    I also do not like the new website format. Looks like it was thought up by someone at CBS corporate to make all locals “conform” to a particular look.

    The most stupid part? It does not open to the “news” page. Why do people come to … news. I should not have to click and wait for a second page to load to get to the …. news.

  118. Petfriend says:

    I don’t understand why any comments that I try to post on stories never seem to post lately. I see tons of nasty vile comments showing up from others, but when I try to post something with no cursing, no rascist comments etc it drops me. I never post anything offensive so don’t see why I would be a banned.

  119. Thomas Uttenreither says:

    Please Somebody FIRE Jim Palmer & while your at that Nit Wit Marty Bass.

  120. timothy king says:

    I disagree with all of you i do like their new website but wish
    they keep it updated and none of any old info still on their

  121. Renee Ogonowski says:

    I think the news stations should do a story on these so called childrens networks such as nickelodeon, cartoon network and the disney channel. I think the adult humor referring to sex, short skirts, low cut shirts, kissing and adult entertainers being guess starred on these shows has gone too far. Tonight on nickelodeon the pop star Kesha is being featured and she uses explicit profanity in her lyrics…needless to say….my child wont be watching. Why is this becoming acceptable? Where is the line drawn between adult entertainment and good, clean, wholesome childrens entertainment and who puts an end to the nonsense?

  122. angel says:

    I like your new concept and the site layout, but it loads slow maybe to much information on a page. Get your It department to check it out!!!

  123. Jen says:

    This website is horrible. I used to check the news on this site several times a day now I can’t stand it to even look at it once a day. Please Please put it back! None of the other news sites are as good as this one used to be. I have tried them all! Some days I have to resort to CNN or WBAL. Put it back how it was!

  124. Natalie White says:

    Really I thought i had the wrong page…Where’s the dislike button?

  125. Ann Logan says:

    I really HATE THIS NEW WEBSITE I use to enjoy coming too WJZ everyday reading the news now I never come here,BIG MISTAKE
    Amoco Ann

  126. Leah says:

    Why can’t I see/listen to The full eulogies for Governor Schaefer?

  127. Larry says:

    Apparently we are stuck with Daisey Duck doing thee weather. Can’t she at least get some clothes that fit?

  128. Annoyed in Arbutus says:

    Congratulations Bulldog. Once aagian you have driven me to listen to music for a few hours today. when is 105.7 management going to get rid of this a hole. It took way too long to get rid of Anita, please learn from your mistakes

  129. Tavon J says:

    I would like to know why all news stations must be so dramatic why cant i turn on the Television and see something positive? Why do a killing get a 3+ minute story and a educational team or event is gone in the flash of a eye?

  130. Robert Spodienok says:

    Funny no local news picked up the story of glass falling out of the new legg mason building Tuesday morning. A gag order must have been issued.

  131. Ashley James-Farmer says:

    My name is Ashley. I have a 5 year old daughter who goes to Frederick elm. school on Frederick Ave. She is in kindergarten. When I dropped her off at school this morning, it was SO hot in there! They had no air conditioner on. They got out of school at 11:15 today. I went an picked my daughter up an it was even hotter in school. I think that school should have ac in there. It is WAY to hot in that school for them kids to be in that school. I would like for something to be done about this. I would also like for the media to know about this. Please feel free to email me at You may also reach me on my cell at 4434858281. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, a concerned parent… Ashley james-farmer<3

  132. Phyllis McCutcheon says:

    Does anyone listen to the viewers? Your website is not good and so many viewers have express their dislike. Who do we need to write?

  133. bill says:

    This comment is for Marty Bass. Thanks Marty for talking about the Space-station fly over on the noon news today. Some friends and I at work went out to watch it tonight. It was avery cool thing to see. We want to know what made it possible to see . Was it the light from the sun or its own lights or both? Thanks again to Marty. Bill in PARKVILLE

  134. Ed says:

    witness protection is a joke in the Baltimore city police department,why would they place a mother,a daughter in a hotel that has no security officers at all,a hotel that many people from the city stay at on weekends..lets see them explain there way out of this one…most inner city people know where the witness hotels are located, that’s a fact.they even failed to inform the Baltimore county police officers of the status of this witness

  135. thelma says:

    id like to give s tip on a story you did abut a couple years ago about charles dodson robbing a nun well his updste s that he raped a young girl that he was related to , his cousin, hes locked up for incest and rape please make a story of this.

  136. JR Massey says:

    I think the whole body of Congress should be impeached if the Government goes into default. I as a veteran of Vietname, a retired Federal Government employee and Social Security recipient would hate to loose all my benefits that I deserve by the way Congress is caring on business in DC. Its shameful. If I had done what they do in DC now, I would have been run out of DC on a rail. Lets get with it Congress!!!!!!

  137. Gail Faulkner says:

    This message is for Bernadette Woods: I was just wondering what you are having, a boy or girl? And where are you registered? God bless.

  138. Dana Price says:

    The Kent Island/chester area is completely engulfed in smoke, Its so bad you can smell the smoke in Easton, MD. Does anyone know why or if something has happened?

  139. Arnold says:

    The media as well as the police don’t get it, protect the witness. Tonight your channel went so far as to show the face of all witnesses . People don,t want to be witnesses when you put their families in danger.

  140. shon says:

    where is the event that ed norris will be at in owings milss aug,13th from 11-1pm..i heard barnes and nobles but I need to be sure

  141. peggy mccauley says:

    Bernadette Woods did she have her babies yet

  142. t Harbaugh says:

    Hey marty what..the ravens have to keep their first string in through the first half to beat the chiefs… how lame…. Go STEELERS!!! At least we took Ben out after the first.

  143. Jennifer Hattenbach Reilly says:

    Earthquake in Edgewater/Annapolis/Davidsonville

    1. Jennifer Hattenbach Reilly says:

      Just about 15 minutes ago – 1:50 pm 8/23/2011

  144. marva perkins says:

    Hello my name is Marva perkins of parkview md.We did not know what that was the door and sofa was shaking and i told my son not to open the door because i did not know what that was.and my grand son ran to me.and iam still shaking up to.

  145. Terry says:

    I’m tired of the hype on Irene. Where is the football game?????

  146. J Gibson says:

    I can’t believe that you’re spending all day on Irene and not showing any other programs. We all know there’s a hurricane going on, how much more do we need to know about it? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Irene isn’t as fierce as she was made out to be for the past 3 days. Give it a break already.

  147. J says:


  148. J says:


  149. Rodney Johnson says:

    Hey, it’s raining & windy. Enough, we know. Where’s NFL football

  150. Donald Jones says:

    This is just a comment and I don’t need a response.I am going to explain something and I hope that people comprehend it well.I have read the Bible twice and I study all the time and I am reading through for a 3rd and 4th time also.In 2 Corinthians Chapter 12,the apostle Paul was explaining something about a thorn in his flesh that he wanted GOD to remove.He asked GOD to remove it 3 times but GOD told him that he will not move it and HIS grace is sufficient enough for him.GOD used that to keep the apostle humble.It’s the same with ALL of us.GOD is using people,places,and things to keep all of us very humble.It doesn’t matter whether we are rich,poor,free,or in bondage,GOD will keep us humble.I am going to relate this to the background checks that people are doing to try to separate people without a criminal history from the people with a criminal history.I believe in this to a certain extent but I think that this has gotten out of hand.Like I said,you can have a complete staff of employees without a criminal history and I doesn’t mean that things are going to go smoothly because GOD will find a way to keep people and jobs humble.Jesus said the things that he said for a reason(Matthew chapters 5-7and 10). GOD makes his light shine on the bad just as the good.The best way to find a good employee is to open up to them and let them stab themselves in the back instead of closing the door on them before they even have a chance to prove themselves.GOD is keeping everyone humble from the President on down to a ordinary citizen.All everyone who reads this message has to do is to reflect honestly on their own lives and they will see that I am right.You can also see this in other people’s lives as well.They can use any situation that they want to use to reflect on.Coincidences don’t just happen,they are real and they are GOD’S way of keeping the whole world humble. Peace !!!

  151. Rebecca Simon says:

    This is the only station I rely on for everything. If its not on this website or station then its not important. Keep up the good work everyone. Thank you.

  152. Amy W. says:

    I also hate the new website. I have always relied on your radar to see if storms are in the area and not only does the new website take forever to load but one of the radar map shows Michigan instead of Maryland. What’s up with that???? Seriously, please change it back or modify it. It is truly horrible!!!

  153. Crystal says:

    I don’t like your website. I thought I was on the wrong site. I liked the old one better.

  154. Shirley Marie-Dresser says:

    Forget the website. News channel 13 doesn’t even cover the events the other news channels do. They are as bad as channel 2. If any sponsors are reading this, I watch channel 11 because they cover the charity events channel 13 does. I live in Lutherville and every year I attend the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, which has Hollywood celebrities signing autographs for fans. They raise money for charity. Has WJZ ever covered the event? No. Has channel 11? More than once.

  155. Brandon says:

    Please get rid of the drop down ads. They make the page very hard to navigate. When you try to hit the collapse button, it opens the page for the ad. I check your site numerous times daily and prefer the old one better.

  156. Rosie says:

    I was wondering if anyone was aware that as of today 9/25/11 there are people in Ellicott City that still do not have Verizon phone service since Hurricane Irene and Lee? It has been almost a month now. The last time I called them, I was told there is some sort of problem with contractors, whatever that means. Some of us do not have good cell phone reception, so we are basically out of communcation. I don;t know how many people there may be who have health issues that this could be a dangerous situation. Just wondering…..

  157. Leonardo says:

    Marty Bass hasn’t been on air recently-how come????

  158. Jimmy Cartelli says:

    Is there a reason why there is paid programmining rather than Football on Sunday at 1:00? to 4:00PM? CBS had advertised this as a double header so why is wjz tv NOT provding us Football?

  159. Carol Kurek says:

    Don and Marty, I also cannot find your e-mail adress… I used to have you in my contacts but it has been returned every time i send …Please let us know the exact e-mail so i can send you something on the morning show…..

  160. tax payer says:

    You should do a feature on this subject, its not the only tax payer money MSA
    gambles with. poor management!

    Officials from the Maryland Stadium Authority, which lent the company $2 million for road improvements and other infrastructure projects needed to put on the race, said they are meeting Friday with Baltimore Racing Development representatives. Michael J. Frenz, executive director of the stadium authority, said he plans to “delve deeper” into the company’s financial problems, after it failed to make a $470,000 payment on the loan.

    Frenz said the stadium authority, a quasi-public agency, had to dip into the company’s escrow account to cover its loan payment.

    “They’ve been very up front that they lost money,” Frenz said. “They have cash flow problems. … We’re trying to protect the investment made with taxpayers’ money. We’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.”

  161. Vicki says:

    Does anyone know what happened on the North side of BayBridge around 11am Nov. 8th?

  162. karen says:

    This use to be the only news website I checked and station I watched but I have come to realize this is the worst news site now a days….the slowest in getting information and only updates after the news cast has been on tv. I now am switching my news website and the channel I watch, you guys have really dropped the ball. I think the only thing this channel stays on top of is big weather stories it seems like thats the only time the station seems like they stay on top of things. This is so disappointing I have watched this station all my life.

  163. sc says:

    u r fake and phoney. today is 12/11/2011. i went through this whole page and there is no where to sign up for the holiday gift basket. is that because the winer has already been selected and u don’t want to go through any more names? i went throgh one and what goes up? best buy. if i wanted best buy i’d ask for it. get rid of this sight. it really SUCKS!

  164. paul wlodarski says:

    I need help. I contacted both of my US senators by E-mail and phone,two times. No reply. I asked a simple question. Why are President Obama’s college records sealed and why people have been taken to court over trying to access his records. What is there in those records that cause them to be sealed?. The press made fun of President Bush’s grades, shouldn’t there be equal fairness?

  165. Concerned. says:

    forget the problems with the website…
    whats up with the crew on channel 13 news
    almost everyone either sucks their teeth
    or pops their lips when they talk.. Is it
    something their drinking at the station?

    Seriously! Listen to copy of the reporting.
    Professional,accurate,reporting? Not even
    close. Too much time spent trying to be
    entertainers. What happened?

    No need to answer.
    If you don’t care to fix the problem, your
    market-share will determine if I am ranting
    or giving you a wake-up call.

  166. Manhattan’s diversity is reflected in its various sub-neighborhoods. Here, you can get a flavor of the unique living experience each has to offer from Little Italy to Hudson Heights, including subway, bus & school information.

  167. Eastwood says:

    Evening crew, Koch & Bubala, keep saying EAR Ran!!!!!! It’s IRAN (EYE RAN)

  168. Scott Brrumson says:

    Get rid of Adam May!

  169. Beverly says:

    Please change your terrible website format. You have enough complaints to start paying attention to your fans before we all you chnage stations.

  170. BF says:

    Hey, today I thought Marty Bass had false teeth because of all the clicking while he was talking. I then realized that his watch or bracelet was making noise every time he moved. Please have this corrected. It is very annoying

  171. Ron says:

    Just saw your news story on BGE saying rates will be less because of higher than normal temps. My bill is doubled from previous bill. My thermostat is set at 67 since 1 oct. Another false hood from BGE.

  172. Catrina Brown says:

    What do you do when your child is being harassed or discriminated against on the school bus by the driver or the aide?

  173. michael says:

    hey this is breaking news, last saturday febuary 25 2012 a rape took place at johnshopkins bayview campus, the victom was a patient, and the suspect is or should i say was a johnshopkins gaurd, i know this for a fact, and i also know they’re trying to keep it under raps, so you could be the first to break the story, if you act first!!!!

  174. Pharmf385 says:

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  176. Thomas says:

    Every time a white commits a crime against a black your station reports it as a HATE CRIME or Possible HATE CRIME. However when a black commits a crime against a White or any other race it’s not mentioned in any fashion as a HATE CRIME? Really! Are you telling us that Blacks don’t commit HATE CRIME???? WJZ /CBS should be ashamed for reporting crime this way. All crime is HATE. Your Biased reporting is contributing to the horrible Race relations in Maryland and beyond. I believe that complaints about your BIASED reporting to the FCC along with your sponsors are needed.

  177. Samuel Wilson says:

    I came across your website while looking for hospitality service providers. I wanted to say we can make it look, and perform better, by giving it a more appealing user interface like adding bright visuals, turning it into a mobile responsive website, and a booking module to create hotel

  178. alex says:

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