A young musician collapsed and died during a class at the Peabody Institute.

Suzanne Collins reports at the Bel Air High School music department Tuesday students and teachers are grieving. One of their “stars,” Casey Butler, who had begun at Peabody in the fall, has died suddenly during a college class there.  Butler’s high school teacher says the teenager had such promise.

“I have spoken to some Peabody professors and they’re just as shocked as we are. She definitely had a very promising future in whatever path she wanted to take.  Her passing is troubling and sudden,” said Tony Domenico, director.

All the high school band members, except freshmen who didn’t know Casey, met Tuesday morning to discuss her death, and counseling is being offered.

“The kids are so, it’s such a family and they, they’ve been upset such as I,” said Terri Mathews, choir director.

Casey chose the bassoon, even though her band director says it’s not an easy instrument, but she enjoyed the challenge. She enjoyed the challenge and tutored younger people.

Bel Air High School’s choir director listened to an audio file of Casey playing the piano, accompanying the choir, who won superior ratings last year.

“She was a great musician and she would have had so much to offer to students along the way. I’m just so sad,” said Mathews.

After playing in the Peabody Youth Orchestra as a high schooler, Casey was doing very well as a freshman according to her dean. She collapsed and died during bassoon class Monday.

“She always kind of went the extra mile on her instrument to practice and do things in the community, solos in the community,” said Mathews.

Casey Butler also was a Dr. Ben Carson Scholar. Her high school music teacher says she even played at private gatherings at Dr. Carson’s home.

The Peabody Institute director says the school is a small community and this loss touches every student.


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