BALTIMORE (WJZ) — On Friday, WJZ’s Jessica Kartalija became a new mom.  Monday, Mary Bubala stopped by the hospital to congratulate her and see the baby. 

Meet baby Drew–all seven pounds and one ounce of him.  The new mom is glowing and loving her new role.

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“I think it’s incredible.  Everybody says you can’t imagine the feeling and how wonderful it is and there isn’t anything like it.  I just can’t stop looking at him and just staring at him all the time.  He’s my little buddy, my guy,” she said.  “He’s so much fun, has a great little demeanor.  He hasn’t been crying much and Grandma is here.  He’s seen his grandparents and great-grandparents.”

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Drew was born Friday morning.  At that point, Jessica and her husband, Brian, hadn’t quite settled on his name.

“He’s named Michael Andrew after my dad but Brian keeps calling him Andy; he likes Andy.  Everyone else is calling him Drew,” she said.

Jessica gets the naming rights because Drew looks so much like his mom.  When Jessica was a baby, she also had strawberry blonde hair.

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Congratulations, Jessica and Brian!