BALTIMORE (WJZ) Record numbers of Americans are expected to whip out their credit cards for Cyber Monday—a day when retailers offer up big bargains in order to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in what has become the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Derek Valcourt  reports it’s was the biggest Black Friday retailers have seen in years. Now some experts predict online shoppers could spend a record billion dollars on Monday alone.

The weekend sales were big; the crowds even bigger, but not everyone loves shopping on Black Friday.

“I’m more of a Cyber Monday type,” said one consumer.

Predictions have more than 106 million Americans letting their fingers do the shopping this year.

“It’s easy,” said Gaylin Mac, shopper. “You get discounts online, and it’s no hassle fighting the crowds in the mall.”

More and more retailers are seeing the value in offering online bargains. In fact, nine out of ten are offering huge Cyber Monday savings and/or free shipping. Many of those deals start at midnight.

And retail experts know it’s the online early bird that gets the worm.

“Big-ticket items tend to sell out go first. Otherwise, for other items, I would certainly wake up early,” said Regina Lewis, AOL consumer advisor. “Here’s the deadline I have in my head: 10 a.m. eastern on Monday– before the lunch hour on the east coast when the whole world is going to be shopping and selection is going to go down.”

Seven million Americans say they’ll use their smartphones to shop tomorrow. That’s why many retailers are taking full advantage of social media like Twitter to offer customers their ultimate savings.

” ‘Follow us,’  ‘like us,’ and we’ll let you know what’s happening that day;  give you the insider tip,”saidJessica Bloom, Towson Town Center senior marketing manager.

Online shoppers have already spent $9 billion since Nov. 1 – a 13 percent increase over last year.

Many stores hope extended cyber sales lasting beyond Monday will keep that trend alive for the rest of the shopping season.

In fact, several stores like online giant will be offering deals for the rest of the week. Mega-store Walmart is offering free shipping on items for most of December.

Before you buy anything, make sure you do a little online comparison price shopping.,  and  are a few of the websites offering Cyber Monday deals.

Just hours before Cyber Monday, Comcast reported server issues that was affecting internet service in Baltimore and Boston. However, Comcast consumers have informed WJZ that the issue has since been fixed.

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